Cannabis: the Assembly creates a fixed fine of 200 euros

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No depenalisation, but a simple fine. The National Assembly voted Friday night an evolution of the repressive framework surrounding the use of cannabis. The illegal use of narcotics will now be liable to a fixed fine of 200 euros. The measure was passed by 28 votes to 14 in the first reading of the Justice Reform Project.

While the number of cannabis users continues to grow (there were 5 million in 2017, including 700,000 daily users), according to official figures, this measure aims to fight against this consumption more effectively. Until now, the use of illegal products was sanctioned by a prison sentence (up to one year) and a high fine (up to 3750 euros), but these very strong sanctions were rarely pronounced. The fixed fine was to be 300 euros, but was reduced to 200 euros in order to avoid the insolvency of users

For the Minister of Justice, Nicole Belloubet, this measure "results from important work" of the parliamentary information mission on cannabis led notably by Eric Pouillat (LREM). This work had shown that the lump-sum fine "works well for other types of contraventions". The custody of the Seals has warned that "the range of possible answers" remains wide, the public prosecutor retaining the possibility to prosecute the offense in the Criminal Court.

Several leftists regretted the lack of a health response and pointed to the risk of sanctioning only young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. "It is not this type of provision that will lead to improved health status," said Socialist MP David Habib. "Are we going to solve the problem like this?" If you want to fight against trafficking and smugglers, legalized, also launched Ugo Bernalicis (LFI).

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