Bronchitis Symptoms – And How to Know it’s Not the Flu!

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In this video I’m going to share with you the top symptoms of bronchitis, how someone gets this ailment and a few supplements and alternative health ideas that can help.

What causes this bronchial inflammation is usually due to an infection of an unwanted invader. Can you guess what the number one symptom of this condition is? Yep it’s a cough or specifically a persistent cough that lasts for days. This is a result of the body trying to expel the unwanted guest just like a drunk annoying guest at a party.

The nasty mucus or snot in the nose area is actually a helpful tool that traps bad things and keeps the lining of the nose and bronchial tubes moist. This moisture protects them just like a cork with wine. If a wine cork gets dry air can get in and damage the product, and this is why wine is stored sideways.

With bronchitis the body produces a lot of mucus to trap the unwanted guest and a common symptom is a lot of this mucus leaving the body. So a person could be coughing up white, yellow or greenish snot. It could be coming from the nose and may be nasty, but is helpful.

This mucus does block the airway and makes breathing more difficult.
You may be thinking how do you distinguish between the flu and bronchitis? One way you can tell the difference is that there will be not much of a fever with bronchitis, usually.
Hopefully after a few days the body is able to wipe away the virus or bacteria. If the immune system loses the battle things could get worse.

For instance you can start to get a high fever, the mucus could start to look different or become bloody. The coughing and chest pain gets really bad. I know that sometimes doctors can be expensive and it’s hard to determine when to call one and when to just let the body fight it off. My advice is to trust your inner voice, so if you think for a split second you should see a doctor. Call one immediately and don’t wait.

People most at risk for this medical problem are people with weak immune systems, like the elderly and the very young. Can you guess what another very big risk factor is? I’ll give you a hint it’s a dirty habit. No it’s not leaving dirty plates in the kitchen sink, but smoking tobacco. Tobacco has a bunch of bad chemicals that not only irritate the bronchial tubes and lungs, but damages them.

Other risks factors that you do have control over would be breathing in a lot of harmful toxins and protecting your chest from injury.

A really great idea that can help fight off this ailment and prevent it would be by improving the immune system. The number 1 thing I recommend doing is actually to use a good multi-vitamin supplement. The truth is that if you’re lacking in just 1 vitamin it really can do some serious harm to your health. Also the food that is created today simply doesn’t have the nutrients in it like it used to.

Also living a healthy life by getting plenty of rest, drinking lots of water and eating healthy can certainly help. Plus there are tons and tons of herbal remedies that boost your immune system like Wolverine. Wolverine is a comic book hero that is very hard to kill and he heals himself.

A few examples of these herbs would be black cumin seeds, garlic, quercetin, olive leaf extract and Echinacea.

These herbs I mentioned you can get in a dietary supplement. Before you go out and purchase a whole lot to enhance your health it’s good to be informed of a few key points.

One of these key points is that dietary supplements can sometimes hurt you. In 2013 the prestigious Consumer Labs tested many of the top selling supplements on store shelves and their findings were shocking. Around 40% of the supplements had wrong information on the label or had harmful contaminations.

Wow, that is incredible right? Having said this if you could find a good dietary supplement then of course it could be very beneficial to you, but the trick is finding a good one.

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11 Replies to “Bronchitis Symptoms – And How to Know it’s Not the Flu!”

  1. I had 2 episodes of Bronchitis back-to-back one time.  The first time, it started out like a normal cold (slightly sore throat, cough), but less than a week or so later I started running a low-grade fever, and my mom took me to the doctor.  The 2nd time, I had this girgling sensation in my lungs when I breathed, and I went to the doctor right away.

  2. You're wrong about Multi Vitamins.
    An article in NEJM was published that stated multivitamins actually malnourish the body.
    Each cell has receptors. There may only be 2 receptors for vitamin C on each cell. Research has found there are multiple types of Vitamin C found in nature however Vitamin C as a pharmaceutical can only be made as one type of Vitamin C. If one over supplements in one type of Vitamin C, that Vitamin C will statistically bind to a receptor site more often than not making the body malnourished in the Full spectrum of Vitamin C. 

    Do me a favor- when you get cancer only use vitamins/non approved supplements by the FDA. Go see wilder- let's see how your cancer pans out.

  3. I need a good vitamin that I can still take while on Coumadin. I have to be careful now not to ingest too many greens. 

  4. For 3 years, I've refused conventional treatment for my cancer. I've used all natural food-based vitamins and herbs along with diet and lifestyle changes. Supplements and foods like curcumin, olive leaf extract, coq10, vitamin d3, coconut oil, colloidal silver, probiotics, green superfood powders, digestive enzymes, bee products, chlorella, spirulina, ginger, garlic, blueberries, beet and carrot juice, etc., etc., etc., are (in my opinion) safer and more effective than most medicines.

  5. bronchitis sucks i had it and we thought it was a normal cold and then it got to a point where i couldnt go to school and then were every time i coughed i threw up and that we had to go to the hospital and i got really sick until the medication worked and everything stopped

  6. predisone…bactrim….inhalor…lots of hot steam treatments…. and drink plenty of water because it will make you dehydrate… i have a fever with bronchitis…. july 4th i was going to be hospitalized…. they had to give me almost 2 bags of iv gluods bc i was dehydrated. they gave me 2 breatheing treatments and did xrays and bloodpanel testing ….. and i got it from the river we swimmed in…. its a bacterial bronchitis

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