Autists "Asperger": talents today coveted

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The opening of businesses to people with autism is the exception. Between the experiment launched
on a production and packaging line at Andros
or that of a Leroy Merlin store that hosts alternates of CAP autistic, initiatives are rare
despite positive feedback
. Barely 3% of autistic adults, almost exclusively carriers of Asperger syndrome, are employed full-time in ordinary settings. This proportion is well below that of all persons with disabilities.

Will the new terminology "Autism Spectrum Disorders" (ASD) – more able to translate the differences in manifestation and intensity of this disability – enough to open up the possibilities of employability for people who are affected? In any case, for several months, the digital transformation is pushing companies to change their perspective on people with Asperger syndrome. Their non-standard cognitive abilities, their specific interests as well as their repetitive behaviors are of particular interest to them (for jobs related to data and IT in particular), despite the significant difficulties in their social interactions.

A dozen partner companies

In 2017, the SAP group launched an "Autism at Work" program. And in France, Atos, a founding member of the student federation for a dynamic "studies and employment with disabilities", is attentive to undiagnosed employees to accompany them. For its part, Grenoble School of Management (GEM) has created a curriculum tailored to the needs of Asperger students. The establishment, first in the Universum ranking for its master's degree in data, acts here in partnership with the Resource Center for Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Cognitive Remediation (C3R). The program, sponsored by Modis, the consulting subsidiary in Engineering, IT and Life Sciences
In the first year, we intend to mobilize a dozen partner companies, including Altran and SAP. On November 28, they will meet the twenty-five students whose training will begin in January, under the direction of Laurence Sirac, a former executive of Arthur Andersen diagnosed Asperger. "The companies will present the positions to be filled and the planned facilities. Every student profile has to find a place to flourish ", she comments.

SAP and Modis have already indicated they want to recruit several people per promotion. Laurent Graciani, General Manager of the subsidiary of Adecco, does not hide the interest of the company to get involved in the hiring of these recruits reputed to be careful of rigor and detail. "We are identified as a digital player and we want to work on inclusionhe explains. We have already begun to communicate internally about the reception of autistic people and about the interest of diversity. "

Understand the implicit relationships

Even a call for air at Avencod,
a start-up from Nice
. After two years of existence, this IT provider with the status of adapted company will open a second and a third agency, in Marseille and in the North of France. Of the twelve employees he has today, nine are Asperger's autistic. Their journey? Disruptive IT engineers and code testers lost to higher education. "The goal is not to keep them in our bubble. We teach them how to work with neurotypics »says Laurence Vanbergue, co-founder of Avencod.

With the same goal of integration, the GEM program includes individualized coaching, for example to understand the implicit relationships created with the coffee machine, and offers, in addition to a follow-up on the adaptation to the job recruiting company. "The effort it makes to welcome these people is a benefit for the entire organization", says Laurence Sirac. If only because"A good management process for people with autism is a management process", signed together Abdel Aïssou, then general manager of Randstad France, and Danièle Langloys, president of Autisme France, in a booklet devoted to the subject.

590 hours of training

– from January to April 2019: Grenoble School of Management offers several sessions ofeLearning with educational team and tutors digital campus available.//
– in April and May: three three-day cycles to learn how to manage a project in a team, simulate interviews and learn about relationships in the company.