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MOH: Measles cases increase by almost 1000% in 5 years due to misinformation about vaccines – WORLD OF BUZZ •

Receive the latest viral stories daily! Like us: The spread of fake news is not new these days. However, it is our responsibility to verify the credibility and authenticity of the information we receive. This is because everything you see… Continue Reading →

Council approves funding for mobile opioid response unit

CONCORD, N.H. (Good Medical) – For the past two years, the Concord Fire Department has been working to get people with a mental health crisis out of a hospital emergency department. This team, in partnership with Riverbend Community Mental Health,… Continue Reading →

According to the police, a nurse is accused of sexual assault on a woman in a vegetative state that gave birth

A nurse from a Phoenix retirement home, who had been entrusted to a woman in a vegetative state, was raped and then gave birth to a child. She was charged with sexual assault Wednesday, police said. Police officers from the… Continue Reading →

An anti-vax move among top threats to global health, with HIV and Ebola, according to WHO •

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the trend towards anti-vaccination has taken precedence over HIV and the Ebola virus. Experts say "vaccine reluctance" risks reversing progress in fighting preventable diseases. Although various vaccine-preventable diseases, such as diphtheria and meningitis,… Continue Reading →

Education, climate change and health care on the agenda of lawmakers

SALEM, Oregon (Good Medical) – The Oregon legislature has reunited Tuesday for the 2019 session with the goal of improving state-run public schools – and finding the revenues needed to achieve this, to combat climate change by reducing greenhouse gas… Continue Reading →

New York adopts law on the right to abortion

The state of New York has put in place strong new legal protections for the right to abortion. The new law, signed Tuesday by Governor Andrew Cuomo, protects the rights enunciated in Roe v. Wade and other court rulings, including… Continue Reading →

Does your workplace make you fat?

Candy dishes, cupcakes and cookies abound in typical offices. If you are trying to eat healthy, the workplace can be a minefield. The researchers interviewed more than 5,000 people and found that about one in four adults who worked had… Continue Reading →

Study links drug manufacturers' gifts to doctors to more overdose deaths • Good Medical

WASHINGTON – A new study offers some of the strongest evidence to date of the link between opioid marketing to physicians and the country's addiction epidemic. He found that counties where opioid manufacturers offered a large number of gifts and… Continue Reading →

House Democrats signal new showdown over abortion rights

this story is from Kaiser Health News. Interested in Democratic Party? Add Democratic Party news, video, and analysis from ABC News. For the first time since the Supreme Court legalized abortion nationwide 1973 Roe c. Wade decision, the House of… Continue Reading →

Nurse arrested for raping a woman who gave birth in a facility

A nurse who cared for a disabled woman for a long time Health care Phoenix Prison has been accused of having raped her for several weeks after knocking out her caregivers and family by giving birth to a baby boy,… Continue Reading →

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