Asthmatic Bronchitis and Remedies Video

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Excerpt from Asthmatic Bronchitis is a severe type of asthma that can be treated with home remedies in the early stages.
Some of the symptoms of asthma are common among other respiratory diseases. However, asthmatic bronchitis is easier to identify since its symptoms are observed from an early age; it is often inherited. Consequently, one of the easiest way to diagnose it, is using family history.

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  1. Asthamtic bronchitis is hard to live with. When I have attacks I cough so hard I vomit and strain the muscles in my ribs. The medicine I am given is prednisone, predinison if taken for a long period of time has side effects. 

  2. I can't have orange juice, turmeric, honey, or ginger because I start to sneeze which leads me to believe I am allergic to it… so honestly I feel doomed.

  3. Bronchioles are NOT tubes that branch from the trachea. Videos are more trustworthy when the basic facts are right.

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