ASMR Personal Attention TLC for Headache Relief | Scalp Massage | Aura Clearing | Visualization

Hello friends,
In this video I gave you a little headache treatment (as per request) to help alleviate your pain and discomfort! I use a little massage…a little energy clearing, a little face touching and visualization to help provide relief. Hope you you enjoy this and thanks so much for watching!

Peaceful tingles,
Joanne xo

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20 Replies to “ASMR Personal Attention TLC for Headache Relief | Scalp Massage | Aura Clearing | Visualization”

  1. I have been insanely stressed lately. I have had a lot of tension headaches almost everyday now. This has helped me a bunch. Thank you so much!! It's absolutely amazing!!!! ❤️🤗

  2. You are like rich, luscious cheesecake in a world full of low carb gluten free cupcakes lol. Seriously, I ration your videos and only listen to them when I’ve handled life well enough that I deserve a treat. How is it possible for you to capture so much warmth and kindness?? My therapist has told me for months that I need to “nurture” myself. I have no idea what that means, so I just blink and change the subject. But now… I’m pretty sure it looks and sounds a lot like you. I’ve never felt so much care and respect – as though someone sincerely cares about every part of me enough to want me to be safe and well. I know it’s kind of an illusion because this is a general video, but that doesn’t matter 🙂 I hope other people get the exact same feeling. Thank you for creating such lovely videos <3 They truly do make a huge positive impact. (And this video in particular has helped me with several headaches now, so thank you for that as well!)

  3. headache relief/ scalp massage/ ear massage/ personal attention are my favorite triggers so this video is really made for me! at around 13:30 you do a whisper that gave me goosebumps. (and i do actually have peppermint oil i use for my headaches!) thank you for making these videos, you are really helping people!

  4. Your channel is SOOOO underrated. Your demeanor, ASMR style,calming voice and movements, all deserve a billion more subs. You're one of my favorites!

  5. I do love this video, have watched before now but today I actually have a headache. have gone through my subscription list trying out different new videos that have been uploaded and saw this one in the sidebar a few times but resisted to instead view new content. After the 4th time seeing this pop up however, I've decided why avoid fate any longer? Had to pause and write this as I have never stayed awake until the end when watching this before and a few minutes in I am certain I won't be able to this time either so thank you for this work of genius.

  6. Hello! I'm a new subbie. I'm so glad I found you. You've got a real talent for ASMR. Your voice is incredibly soothing and your body mechanics, trigger sounds, and overall pace of the video is superb. I suffer from migraines and this actually helped ease the pain. Well done. Thank you.

  7. I love this! Can you make one that's dimmer sometime? I can't watch the bright screen with headache 🙁 but I still loved to listen!

  8. We did it! Last night (early morning) before bed I had an extreme headache. Your treatment was just what I needed. First time, and it was great to work on keeping my heart open as this was the first exchange like this over the web. I loved this experience. Thanks for your gifts and efforts, and wanting to help. Glad to meet you friend, Joanne! Great work!!!

  9. OK I had a headache..turned onto YouTube and I knew you had put a new video up, didn't know what it was yet tho. click on it and about 5 mins in and my headache is almost gone, watched the entire thing and headache is totally gone!!! and I just about fell asleep too…. you're my new favourite!!! you're amazing Joanne!!!

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