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  1. The guy who giving the headache treatment saying to this guy who having a headache that: Didn´t i tell you not too listening to justin bieber songs??? The guy with headache:But i love him so much! The other guy:But i told u not too listen too it!! Guy with headache: It´s hard too forget all the songs. Its all in my head. The guy who give him treatment: Ok i will help you too forget this punk but promise first you stop listening to him . The headache guy: Okay i promise. Treatment guy: Good Bang Slaps to the guys head xD

  2. am from Africa and i have never seen something like this, soo stop saying African  treatment instead specify the tribe where this shit is done….!  this is domestic violence ! Africa is not a country but a continent  and many countries in Africa have different tribes with different cultures and  traditional !

  3. This is the future of ObamaCare. As rising cost of ObamaCare destroy America this will be the cure all treatment for everything that ails you.

  4. Here you have a man enduring a great deal of pain presumably to relieve his headaches.  Anyone who experiences severe headaches, migraines or face pain will see no humor in the desperation of searching for relief.  After a few moments you can hear the man crying out loud.  He continues to endure the torment believing it will help him.
    Sadly I laughed when the first slap happened.  After a few moment I was ashamed of myself.  
    This video is just another example of using the misfortune and tragedy of others for entertainment.  A truly sad thing indeed.

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