Acute Bronchitis Diagnosis Medicomat Bronchitis Treatment

MEDICOMAT.COM Bronchitis Diagnosis with the Medicomat 4025 Hunter Bioresonance NLS Health Scan and Treatment Computer System

Bronchitis Diagnosis – 3-D Spiral Scanning Method

Methapathia GR Hunter Software

Bronchitis Diagnosis – Automatically Detect Root Cause

Localize automatically where tumor
appeared, heritable diseases, etc.

Research the changes in organ, tissue,
cell, chromosome, DNA helix, molecule.

– Automatically Detect Root Cause
– 1432 Organs and Tissues
– 4012 Preparations and Processes
– Bacteria Research and Therapy

– Meta Therapy
– Stone Therapy (Lithotherapy)
– Phytotherapy
– Acupuncture Therapy
– Preparation making

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