Acupuncture For Infertility – Why it Works and How it Can Help You

I'm sure that you've heard about acupuncture. You may have seen it on TV or in movies and I would actually understand why you're surprised that it can be a treatment for infertility. It's because of all those pins being injected into your skin. Am I right?

Well, you do have the right to be scared of all those shiny pointy needles but it is not as bad as it looks. In fact, it has been around for centuries as an effective way to treat different illnesses and conditions by regulating blood flow. In fact, some studies have shown that it can help in weight loss!

Acupuncture is an alternative way to treat infertility but it can also be used as a therapy to complement modern fertility treatments. It works best for women who main cause of infertility is irregular ovulation or periods and for men with low sperm count.

Now remember how I said that acupunctures helps regulate your body's system? Well for the infertile, it aids in blood flow to the reproductive organs and stabilizes hormone levels. This in turn will increase ovarian function in women as well as sperm production in men.

But if you are using this as a complementary treatment, the main benefit it provides is relaxation. Just the fact that you have this problem makes you very susceptible to stress and anxiety and not to mention the medical procedures that you have to go through on a regular basis. So under this alternative treatment will relieve you from the unwanted feeling of stress.

Acupuncture as an infertility treatment has proved to decrease the chances of an ectopic pregnancy to occur too. It can also lower your chances to experience miscarriages.

In many ways, acupuncture is like physical therapy. It stimulates blood flow and makes sure that your there are no blockage in your system. It is also has a therapeutic effect to those who undergo it.

You can also have it even when you're already pregnant (but just up to about three months) to prevent miscarriages.

When it comes to the cons of using acupuncture for treating infertility, there is really not much to worry about. But of course there's a chance that if the incorrect acupuncture points were used. That's why you should spend time and do a lot of research on the best acupuncturists that specialize in fertility treatments.

Another thing that you have to if you do decide to try acupuncture is that timing and consistency is very important. A successful treatment would mean that you have two sessions a week for three to six months, depending on the gravity of your situation.

Each session is roughly one hour long and should include time to discuss the patient's current condition, as well as what the patient can do at home to further ease her condition.

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