About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

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About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

Today we’re going to talk about my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. If you’re a viewer on our YouTube Channel or if you follow us on our website, Pinterest or Facebook, you’ve probably heard me mention something about being sick from time to time. Perhaps you’re wondering what Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia are or maybe you wonder if you or someone you know might have it.

This video is not meant for you to diagnose anyone. I’m only sharing my experience to illustrate what I mean when I say, “I’m sick” and also to give you some idea whether you might want to talk to your doctor if you wonder if you might be affected by one of these.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not well understood. It is a debilitating condition that affects me every day.

The Centers For Disease Control says:

“Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or CFS, is a debilitating and complex disorder characterized by profound fatigue that is not improved by bed rest and that may be worsened by physical or mental activity. Symptoms affect several body systems and may include weakness, muscle pain, impaired memory and/or mental concentration, and insomnia, which can result in reduced participation in daily activities.”

I was part of one of the early long term study groups for the Centers For Disease Control.

There are no known treatments, but I have discovered a few things that ease certain symptoms when I’m experiencing a flare.

Fibromyalgia often accompanies Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The Mayo Clinic says, “Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues.”

In my experience, this doesn’t sound as bad as it really is. When you have Fibromyalgia, it does come with a substantial amount of pain, with a number of muscular trigger points in various spots on your body where the greatest amount of pain is concentrated. There is also a great deal of mental confusion along with memory and consistently negative mood issues related to living in a state of continual pain.

We have found some things that help my Fibromyalgia, like frequent massage.

Fibromyalgia can be improved with exercise, but I also have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which is made much worse with exercise.

Here are some of the points we discuss in this video:

0:47 A lot of people ask me how to know if they have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia

0:53 Symptoms of CFS

2:04 Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

3:40 My mom, brother and I got sick in 1988. We all came down with “the flu” and never got better. My mom and brother both have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but I’m the only one that has both CFS and Fibromyalgia. They’re two totally different things that often go together.

4:18 Discussion of difference between CFS and Fibromyalgia from an external perspective.

4:58 We discovered that Alka Seltzer makes Tawra feel better when she is having a CFS flare.

6:58 I got sick when I was 16. I was so sick every day and I often couldn’t get off the couch, so I was missing work and I just couldn’t support myself, so when I was 19, I got on disability.

7:24 It was super hard to get on disability.

7:49 People see the website and say, “How do you do all that?” I don’t.

8:29 I have to give up things. I can’t do it all. If I’m doing videos or something for the website, it means I can’t keep up with the house and I’ll probably be too sick to make dinner.

8:58 Mike says Tawra gets confused or irritable. She can’t remember basic details at times. Mike is good at recognizing the problem and being patient with me.

10:43 My neighbors were alarmed when we first moved in because I would lay out on our driveway when my son was riding his bike.

11:33 It helps to joke about it and brush it off, rather than getting angry. There’s nothing you can really do but humor makes it more tolerable.

11:46 In our next video, I’ll share some of the things that help me function.

11:54 You can get more information about the symptoms on our website here:

About CFS and Fibromyalgia

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39 Replies to “About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia”

  1. I wonder if my brother has that. he has he has headaches and wakes up tired and has to sleep hours at night. and after half an hour working in the yard he comes in and takes a nap

  2. I really appreciate this post. I was diagnosed with cfs about 20 yrs ago and with fibro 4 yrs ago ..I just thought it was my work .(.I'm a nanny and nursery teacher.)..that made me so sore and tired all over. Work is so hard but the main thing that bothers me is memory loss…I cant remember words either and some days I just cant cope . Your husband is so lovely!! You are blessed!!. I love your videos ..I appreciate any future posts on this topic. 4 years ago i had to shorten my hours with work..went part time..I discovered your posts..blog..and read just about anything that was there…I made things work financially because of all your hard work..I became frugal and mindful with my money. Thank you for everything and take care 🙂 Cheers from Australia

  3. Thank you for explaining this, I also have Fibromyalgia, was finally diagnosed after a number of yrs of begin miss diagnosed with RA, an on some heavy meds, finally decided it was Fibro, the only thing I take now is Cymbalta, and you learn to manage the rest. So happy you have a family that understands.

  4. Caffeine affects my fibromyalgia. Many people who have thyroid problems have thyroid issues. Once I got my thyroid hormones under control most of symptoms went away. I have flare ups sometimes still. Have you had your thyroid checked!

  5. I'm fortunate enough not to have your ailment. You have my sympathy that you have it – thanks for explaining it. I feel for you.

  6. From being in a christian studies class I can tell you that baking soda is mentioned several times as SALT(translations seem to indicate salt's importance to the body). Alkerseltzer is a good example of restoring the body with salts lost during flu/ or like symtoms. Your body may be in need of more salt or not producing enough. God bless you as during future menopause (lot of fatigue and lack of sleep) the symtoms may be magnified even further. You could ask your doctor about salt deficiencies and see what he suggests for daily increase in your momentum. I will pray for you and your mother. love, julia

  7. "Road to the Farm" has a great video out regarding her Fibromyalgia, you might want to check it out, she changed her diet and it helped her immensely. Gluten free and dairy free. Corn gives me the pinpoint pain, makes me agitated, short tempered and exhausted because I can't breath well. Gluten makes me extremely foggy brained and forgetful. so I avoid it as much as possible. Best of luck to you.

  8. I like how you addressed exercise and the effects that it presents after a single bout of exercise. The whole "push-crash" phenomena is difficult to manage because physical exertion does actually worsen fatigue and other symptoms in people with CFS and Fibro. It is hard to find a comfortable level of intensity to exercise your body, but LOW intensity exercise can help maintain functional capacity and help utilize energy more efficiently throughout the course of the day :)

  9. Thank you for sharing. In your experience do doctors have a way of diagnosing chronic fatigue syndrome? Or do they test for everything else then land there as a last resort?

  10. So weird about that alka seltzer, my sister use to give it to her son when he was having a bad day, he has ADHD, it helped within like 30 minutes. I will have to remember that next time I have a flare up, or eat something with Gluten.

  11. I had that extreme fatigue like you said, after working out, I had to go to bed when I got home from the gym. I felt like the life was sucked out if me! I had extreme heat intolerance too. Thankfully that all, pretty much is gone now, I do have flare ups some times. I sorry you are dealing with this!

  12. Another yt lady has really bad fibro & having a really rough time and has been admitted to have infusions of ketamine to see if it helps- it can be hit or miss but so far she's been feeling the benefit. She's had to go into Hosp for a week tho.

  13. WOW! I already subscribed to your Living on a Dime hints but had no idea you suffered with CFS and Fibro. I have both of these too. It took 13 years to get a diagnosis on the Fibro, which began in 1980. I admire your chutzpah!! You have learned how to live AROUND these nasty chronic ailments, as have I. We are both luck to have supportive husbands too. I want to offer my kudos and just tell you that you are an inspiration to others. Keep up the good work!! And Thank You!!! All best wishes to you and your family.

  14. I have RSD……..reflex sympathetic dystrophy no cure.
    I have other medical issues to…so i feel for all that have some medical problem.
    I have back/spine issues that wont let me stand for long. So i became a hermit. I do sit outside sometimes, but i tend to stay inside mostly…RSD and pain changed my brain and the way i think……i am the same person with sense of humor…but things that should not tick me off do….and things that should tick me off dont. That is what changed. I had to tell my neighbor cuz he over heard me talking……so i took him aside to let him know pain changed me.
    I am so glad i never lost my sense of humor…i try to stay postive…though sometimes hard to do….soft huggies to all in pain

  15. I too suffer with cfs
    I tried the Alka seltzer thing. it really helped. when I ran out I founding mixing in with something containing citric acid helped the baking sida water bubble like Alka seltzer and work better. I choose a little bit of crystal light powder. plus it flavored it and made it easier to drink. I read online it helps because baking soda oxegenates the blood and alkinizes it. it also removes lactic acid from the muscles because lactic acid also causes pain and fatigue.

  16. Interesting about the Alka-Seltzer….I "m guessing that you possibly have episodes of low sodium and that is why the seltzer perks you up. When I feel mentally and physically drained I take a few drinks of bullion and it makes a big difference in 10 min. I'm going to have some seltzer on hand to do a little experimenting next time this occurs.

  17. I just found your awesome channel and decided to stay and subscribe. I also have Fibro and many chronic issues. I developed a bad migraine almost 16 yrs ago, and it's there 24/7, of course worse in the morning. Some days are just a bit more bearable than other days. The worst thing for me is 2 yrs ago I got severe loud Tinitus. No cure or med to take the symptoms away. Goes from grinding, ringing,buzzing, air pressure, pounding. Tinitus wants to compete with other noises like the tv and going to the movies is almost impossible. I use ear plugs, doesn't help. It sure wears on our bodies and mid. I also have an amazing husband who works hard but takes care of me and our home. If I do a few dishes, I have to lay down. Sorry for this long post, I just was going to introduce myself lol. Everything you said , I agree. Thanks for listening to me🌹💕See you again soon.

  18. there are over 200 symptoms of FIBROMYALGIA I've had fibro for 17 years I get muscle, nerve, and joint pain among many many other symptoms and relative conditions,I have the trigger points too, fibro fog and flares. It's an everyday struggle, good info thanks for sharing stay #fibrostrong

  19. the adrenal problems, and thyroid issues and cleaning up diet has helped me and herbs . it isn't gone and I have bad days but over all I am better . I am 27 expecting my 1st child and I am glad I found how to mange my systoms back 2 or 3 years old and not now

  20. I have been diagnosed with Fibro, and have suspected that I have CFS for a long time. I forget sometimes that I can't push myself. I've been stranded at the grocery store or Super Walmart, and I can't make another step. When I feel the drain coming, I try to get to the pharmacy area where I can sit. I have left a cart full more then once because I couldn't make the check out and then load-unload the groceries.

  21. Have you considered looking into treatment for CFS? For example what ex-CFS sufferers like Toby Morrison, Daniel Neuffer etc. offer?

  22. Do you have orthostatic intolerance? You didn't mention it and a high percentage of people with CFS have this. It is why it is difficult to stand.

  23. I also have been diagnosed with both of these, spent almost everyday this week in bed 🙁 lots of time to watch your videos at least 🙂 God bless you and I am praying for a cure!

  24. I am on long time disabilities leave and working on SSDI. I have had fibro for a long-time,. As of March 17 2013 I started have seizures. I was Dx with IBS at age 13. I have had 2 brain biopsies with another Dx of CNS Vasculitis, CFS, Anxiety and depression and shame when I have a seizure. I will try the seltzer. You sound so chipper I just wamt One more day of normal then I will go to sleep.

  25. I understand you completely.
    I have a severe case of Fibro with ms symptoms BUT I do not have ms my fibromyalgia just shows in that form along with the usual fibro issues.

  26. It goes beyond fatigue. On real bad days I wake up and then it's like I pass out as the next thing I remember is waking up again but hours have passed. This can go on for days, even weeks.

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