A Nasal Decongestant Can Make Your Sinusitis Worse

A nasal decongestant is focussed on trying to make a thick discharge thin, so it drains. Or to prevent the formation of a discharge. This is suppressive treatment. It is not taking your body in the direction it is trying to go.

Your body is intelligent. It is always trying to make a good job of your health. But it is hampered by the lack of ‘tools’. Things that make you healthy, that raise your immune system are:

  • a good diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and no processed food
  • your optimum amount of sleep that gives you most energy
  • daily doses of natural sunlight on your bare skin
  • connecting with nature on a regular basis
  • getting some daily exercise, preferably outside

Drugs, like a nasal decongestant, will knock your immune system, making it struggle harder in order to maintain your health. They may well unblock your nose in the short run. But that will have a knock on effect.

The normal consequences of suppressive drugs is that your energy levels go down. This is always a good indication of how healthy you are. Your energy levels should be good enough to allow you to function efficiently, without being out of control.

The other thing that can happen after suppressive drugs, whether or not they appear to work for your acute condition, is that it will become worse, over time. Or more serious conditions will develop. Things like asthma or bronchitis, perhaps.

But if you use homeopathy for your health problems, this only works by raising your immunity. So if the most appropriate homeopathic medicine resolves the problem, in this case nasal congestion, then it will do so by making you overall healthier.

This means you nasal congestion will improve or disappear, your energy will improve, and you won’t get more serious ailments because of the suppression.

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