8 Things Your Mother Should Have Told You About Symptoms Of Bronchitis and Bronchitis

When searching for bronchitis and symptoms of bronchitis information online, I happened to find some tips – 8 of them, in fact.

I hope that you find them useful…as it’s taken our researchers some time to find them all!

Nevertheless, it’s worth the effort – especially where bronchitis is concerned, as there is a lot of great stuff out there on the Internet.

Tip #1

Since acute bronchitis involves increased mucus production triggered by infection or allergens, one of the goals is to clear secretions. The body naturally does this with the cough reflex. Another method is to use aromatic oils.

Tip #2

Bronchitis causes inflammation and sometimes viral or bacterial infection of the mucous membrane, bronchial tubes and other organs and tissues involved in the process of breathing. The respiratory system has many natural defenses (nostril hairs, cilia, mucus) against external irritants (airborne viruses, dust particles, chemicals, pollen). However, constant exposure to these external agents can sometimes enable airborne viruses to penetrate the natural barriers of the respiratory tract, causing inflammation and infection. When external irritants reach inside the lungs, there is a high risk of complication (pneumonia). When the bronchial tubes become inflamed and irritated, they produce a surplus of mucus which clogs the airways and prevents the normal airflow.

Tip #3

If you are a smoke or have any problems with your lungs, bronchitis can be a lot more trouble to you than you think. These people may have more than one attacks of bronchitis. Another health problem that increases the risk of bronchitis is malnutrition. This usually happens in small children or older people. Allergies are also a friend of acute bronchitis. Some children may also have enlarged tonsils of suffer from sinus infections may also have more bronchitis episodes.

Tip #4

Acute bronchitis is often associated with bacterial or viral infections. The disease is commonly acquired in the flu seasons and it generates symptoms such as: dry or low-productive cough, chills, low or moderate fever, sore throat, chest discomfort and pain, wheezing and difficulty breathing. With appropriate treatment, the symptoms of acute infectious bronchitis are quickly alleviated and the disease can be completely overcome within a couple of weeks.

Tip #5

It is highly recommended that you drink a lot of water, and stay away from fluids like coffee etc. Juice from fresh fruit is great. Drinking a lot of fluids will help thin your mucus but note water is the best fluid.It is often best to avoid cold drinks as it can constrict the air passageway.

Tip #6

Chronic bronchitis needs permanent and intense treatment and care for a quick recovery; if not properly treated symptoms reappear and might even worsen. Chronic bronchitis must immediately be treated with ant biotherapy. Chronic cases of bronchitis appear usually in patients with weaken immune systems and in chronic smokers.

Tip #7

When pregnant, you should avoid people who already have the disease. If you have already contracted the disease, immediate action should be taken to avoid the condition progressing to pneumonia. Medication should not be taken without a proper doctor’s prescriptions.

Tip #8

Acute bronchitis doesn’t last more than a few weeks. However, patients with acute bronchitis can sometimes experience an aggravation of their symptoms in time or they can develop chronic bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis is a form of bronchitis that generates less intense symptoms, but the illness can lead to serious complications in time. Unlike acute bronchitis, which can clear on itself in a short period of time, chronic bronchitis persists in time and needs ongoing medical treatment.

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