3Hr Soothing Headache, Migraine, Pain and Anxiety Relief – Gentle Waterfall | Delta Binaural Beats

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A soothing 3hour track for headache, migraine and pain relief, also useful for anxiety and stress relief.
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PLEASE NOTE; It is not necessary to watch the video if you have migraine or headache – THE VIDEO IS FOR SHOW ONLY – IT IS THE SOUND THAT IS THE HELP – NOT THE VISUALS.

Please wear headphones for best results.

DOWNLOAD: 2 Hr version on itunes at:

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Try this Migraine headache relief music if you want relief from any chronic pain you may be suffering with or headaches or migraines. It will not work for everyone, however it has helped a LOT of people and relieved them from pain.

Using Isochronic tones, binaural beats and sounds from nature (a babbling brook), this recording will assist in the process of chronic pain relief – including migraines, headaches and even fibromyalgia.

It’s beautiful relaxation music and is a 3 hour brainwave entrainment recording uses Delta frequencies (The deepest sound frequencies) to relax the listener, whilst allowing the body to naturally come into balance whilst healing and repairing itself.
Use this recording in a quiet place, free of distractions, sitting in a chair or whilst lying down.

Pop on some headphones (binaural beats are best used with headphones), close your eyes and allow your body and mind to relax. The brainwave entrainment will ‘entrain’ your mind to frequencies of health and well-being, thus reducing chronic aches and pains. Can also be used as meditation music.

Please note. Never use this recording to take the place of professional medical assistance and never use whilst driving or operating machinery.

The Research and Science behind brainwave entrainment:

20 Replies to “3Hr Soothing Headache, Migraine, Pain and Anxiety Relief – Gentle Waterfall | Delta Binaural Beats”

  1. for anyone suffering from severe "migraines" or other pain that CAN'T be explained by doctors or the pain can't be controlled with pain management… PLEASE read what I am about to say!!

    ever since I was a child (around 5 years old) I have suffered from horrible migraines & other SEVERE chronic pains. I have been to 100's of drs through out my life… I felt as if no one believed me!! I have been misdiagnosed… told there was nothing wrong, it was all in my head etc. I worked in the medical field for 7 years, when your body is in PAIN it's TRYING TO tell you something is WRONG!! No dr could ever figure me out. I was a 'medical mystery diagnosis' & honestly I became hopeless. UNTIL God FINALLY put the best dr in my path in 2012. I was diagnosed with a rare birth defect called CHIARI MALFORMATION… it is often missed, overlooked… & IGNORED bc Dr's aren't educated enough on the condition to properly diagnose someone & it's NOT always VISIBLE on brain scans!! YOUTUBE the video… just type in CHIARI MALFORMATION, it's usually the first video to pop up, just watch it… see if your symptoms match the video; if so, mention it to your doctor (alot of Dr's have never even heard of it & most fail to acknowledge that it EXIST) the BEST dr who SAVED MY LIFE is named DR. MICHAEL J. ROSNER he is located in Hendersonville, NC – he specializes in this condition & neurosurgery & is considered the Mastermind of Neurosurgery. I can only pray no one has Chiari Malformation, there is no cure & it's a living hell… BUT maybe a glimpse of my story here will maybe reach someone searching for answers… hopeless like I was… even if I can help just ONE person… God spared me more than once so I can live to give my testimony & to help educate people about this… I was also recently diagnosed with 'trigeminal neuralgia' another severe neurological disorder (also known as the 'suicide disease') This is God's will & calling for me… to try & help others find logical answers when all else fails. PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT a doctor or here to give anyone a diagnosis… JUST TO BE CLEAR. I'm just spreading awareness… Sending healing prayers to anyone who is suffering from any kind of pain ♡

    BTW this video is AMAZING!!! Thank you SO much for sharing!

  2. This is a very good video. I've listened to many "migraine" music videos and this one, so far, has helped the most. It's one of two very good ones that I've found on YouTube.

  3. To anyone curious about how this works.
    Binaural beats are frequencies of
    sound that correlate to and resonate with frequencies of the same nature in the brain+body.

    Harmony in sound helps harmony in the brain. The brain does not necessarily produce feelings, you create frequencies of density, emotion or thought that the brain tunes into and receives.
    In other words, sound resonates with frequencies within you that allow you to then create & receive the correlating thought, feeling or density of that frequency.

    You need only to listen to your favourite music, or to the sound of rain, machinery, toning etc. to realize the validity of that.

    Your body is a sensory system that creates+receives various densities. Like pleasure being a form of love that you feel because that's the frequency/vibration of that.

  4. All things must pass baby! Keep your head up, even when life gives you pain. The worse something gets, the better it will be later. Thats a universal law, and knowing that makes suffering a lot more endurable. We will of course try to avoid suffering when we can, but free will is an illusion, so when we cant avoid pain we just gotta try to accept the virtually unacceptable. Google truthcontest, click the Earth icon, read the present.

  5. all these meditation, healing, concentration soundtracks have this sort of low pitched humming sound, like the sound you'd get if you hum at low pitch inside a really huge hollow round container – that sound gives me headaches. sorry these don't work for me.

  6. Amazing! This is the first time I've ever commented on a video but I just HAD to! My migraine was so bad. I fell asleep to this and woke up with no headache. Nothing short of a miracle. So soothing I want to finish listening. Thank you so much!

  7. I drink coffee every morning at work and when the weekend comes. I really don't think about it so I don't drink it and it brings on these horrible headaches due to lack of caffeine I'm guessing. I only get them on the weekends usually by Saturday evenings and through the night . i Wake up unrested and with splitting headache . i know the logical answer would be drink a cup of coffee but its never been part of my routine at home so i never think about until the dreadful headache comes along. Anyway I decided to try this versus taking pain relievers and it worked . I'm about 20 minutes in after finally relaxing and giving in to the sounds my headache is gone. AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing.

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