3 Super Fast Cures For Migraine Headache Pain!

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As fast and unexpected as migraine headaches come, it really isn’t fair how long they usually last. There we are, just working happily along when all the sudden we have a super-duper painful headache that makes it so we can barely open our eyes. And worse still, who knows how long it’s going to last? After dealing with these problems for awhile, I finally stopped being lazy and did some research to figure out how to get rid of these awful headaches. Based on my research and experience, here are the three fastest cures for migraine headaches:

1. Go into a Quiet and Dark Room – Since most migraines are light sensitive, and many are sound sensitive too; going into a dark and quiet room will keep the sensitivities at bay and ensure that your migraine headaches don’t get any worse It is going to be very difficult to get rid of your migraine if you’re in a loud and/or bright environment, so make sure to move as quickly as possible. If you’re at work, you could be in a bit of a pickle here. That said, be prepared and have a few “on the go” migraine headache relief technique — obviously, you’ll need to learn about these before hand.

2. Drink fluids- Many migraines are triggered by extreme dehydration, which believe it or not is extremely common. So, get rid of that coffee or soda that you’re drinking, and try to drink at least a cup of water or juice right away. This rush of fluids will help your body rejuvenate itself, and since it will only take a few minutes for it to fully start working, it is definitely one of the fastest cures for migraine headaches. Also, if you change your habits to try and stay more hydrated by drinking more water and juice, you should notice that you’re getting much fewer migraines and that they’re not lasting nearly as long.

3. Exercise – While exercising during a migraine will undoubtedly make it worse, exercising on a regular basis has been scientifically proven to drastically reduce both the number and duration of migraine headaches. This is because as your circulatory system improves, the issues they cause migraines become less and less frequent. So, if you’re a pretty sedentary person and you’ve been getting migraines on a regular basis, try to start exercising more often throughout the week. In the meantime — when you suffer from a migraine — try and keep movement to a bare minimum. Movement will make the migraine worse, and you want to conserve your body’s energy to help correct the issues causing the migraine. While this technically isn’t a “fast” cure for migraine headache, it will help to prevent them in the long run.

While this is just general information on how to relieve headache pain, I truly feel that these are the best & fastest cures for migraine headaches — especially in light of all we know about over the counter painkillers and prescription drugs. I hate to say it, but its quite likely you’ll suffer from a migraine again very soon; after all, they tend to come back even when we think we got rid of them for good. That said, give these methods a try before that happens and see how they work out. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what a difference it makes. And who knows, maybe if you keep using these cures for migraine headaches regularly, you won’t suffer through nearly as many migraines in the future.

And before I go, one last important thing. If you’re getting migraine headaches every morning, start taking a multi vitamin daily. Many migraine headaches are caused by a lack of vitamins and minerals, so rather than try and figure out which one you’re missing, it’s usually just easier to take a multivitamin and cover all your bases.

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