3 Best Home Remedies For CHRONIC BRONCHITIS TREATMENT – Lung Infection

HERE are the most effective Ayurvedic treatments for CHRONIC BRONCHITIS & lung infections.

Do you have frequent complaints of acute or chronic bronchitis? Watch this video for learning symptoms, causes, treatment of this potentially serious lung infection. The main goal of treating acute and chronic bronchitis is to relieve symptoms and make breathing easier. While there are plenty of allopathic medication available for bronchitis, alternative medication such as natural or ayurvedic home remedies provides a viable yet effective way to cure this disease in long run. Additionally home remedies for bronchitis can be safely used over the years to suppress this diseases.

Bronchitis is the inflammation of the mucous membrane lining within the lungs. The symptoms of this disease can be difficulty in breathing, hoarseness, pain in chest and loss of appetite. Generally external factors like smoking, working in a stuffy atmosphere, or hereditary factors are among the causes of acute and chronic bronchitis.

How to treat bronchitis naturally?

Here are some simple and effective home remedies for bronchitis treatment.

Remedy 1:
Take half a teaspoon of turmeric powder administered with half a glass of milk, taken two or three times daily on an empty stomach, is one of the most effective home remedy for bronchitis.

Remedy 2:
A mixture of half a teaspoon of powder of ginger, pepper and cloves taken with honey or an infusion of tea, three times a day helps tone up the metabolism.

Remedy 3:
Mixing the powder of seven kernels of almonds in a cup of orange or lemon juice, should be taken once daily at night.

Try these effective home remedies for bronchitis and share us your experiences.

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