4 Replies to “23andMe and Parkinson’s Disease: the power of numbers”

  1. I think this service is amazing. I am curious what the new genes are for Parkinson's Disease. I already have: SIPA1L2 74 SNP'S, INPP5F 12 SNP'S, MIR4697 0 SNP'S, GCH1 39 SNP'S, VPS13C 56 SNP'S, DDRGK1 8 SNP'S, rs6812193 CT, rs11868035 AG, SREBFI 7 SNP'S, SCARB2 27 SNP'S, TRPM 7 SNP'S. UP UNTIL NOW, i HAVE OVER 294 DIFFERING GENES. PLEASE KEEP THEM COMMING AND THANK YOU FOR UPDATES IN THE RAW BROWSER DATA, OF OUR 23ANDME.COM ACCOUNTS…

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