Unloading of construction waste: citizens' initiative Schwoich: first blood tests

Thirty-five people received blood on Monday, and another 35 will follow next week. With laboratory tests, it is desired to document the health status of Schwoicher before and after the planned commissioning of the Schwoich construction waste site.

SCHWOICH (bfl). At the end of August, representatives of the Schwoich Citizens' Initiative announced that they would offer blood samples and laboratory tests to Schwoicher with a doctor. On Monday, October 7th, the first Schwoicher started collecting blood samples. Thirty-five people have had their blood drawn and next week, about 35 additional Schwoicher blood will be released.

Sign of protest

Now that the measure has been launched, the citizens' initiative wants to regularly investigate a possible pollution by heavy metals. This is another sign of protest against a building demolition project planned in the Schwoich quarry – reported the Bezirksblätter.
The waiver of asbestos-containing waste announced by "Rohrdorfer" general manager Mike Edelmann in August is not enough for members of the Schwoich Citizens' Initiative. They fear other health consequences of a possible pollution by heavy metals. Even without asbestos, potentially carcinogenic or pathogenic substances could pose a threat to residents.

Repeated bloodletting planned

With the help of repeated blood samples from the doctor Dr. med. Sunhild Hofreiter-Schütte should now only when the basic values ​​are high. Each year, according to the citizen's initiative plan, new blood tests and laboratory tests are performed. This would verify whether the concentration of heavy metals in Schwoicher's blood had changed during the operation of the landfill.

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