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Updated on October 10, 2019, 1:10 pm

The days get shorter, the temperatures drop – and the mood is the same. Many people today suffer from drowsiness and fatigue, the so-called autumn wings are spreading. We will tell you how to protect yourself and get in the good mood through the dark times.

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Cool, cloudy skies and short days – all of this is in the minds of many people: According to a study by Statista and the YouGov Research Institute, cloudy autumn weather leads to mourning and melancholy every second. Then we often talk about the typical autumn blues.

A characteristic of this yearly recurring sad feeling is the increased need for sleep, the desire for sweets and the growing disorder, the decline in motivation and difficulty concentrating.

With these eleven tips, you will get well through the current cold.

However, all this is not usually worrying: "Being lethargic and gloomy in the winter and hanging out on the couch often is a completely natural process," says Thomas Kantermann, a chronobiologist at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and Ludwig- Maximilians-University of Munich.

In the past, the body had to automatically switch to an energy-saving mode in early winter to survive food shortages and low temperatures. It still does today – despite heating and rich meals, the expert said. Because these ancient mechanisms of the body will not adapt so quickly to our modern luxury.

Autumn Depression: Lack of light as a potential trigger

In addition, the lack of daylight is responsible for the mood and constant fatigue in the fall. With rain and gray skies, the photocells of our eyes absorb less light – and the body lacks the sun. This is responsible for the production of "good hormone" serotonin.

"There are vulnerable people whose hormone balance is particularly sensitive to darkness," explains Andreas Matzarakis of the Freiburg Medical Meteorological Research Center, "then the body produces melatonin, the sleep hormone, while serotonin is important." The result: you are tired, sleepy and uncomfortable.

Incorporate more light into everyday life

So now: The low light of day should be used as much as possible – so outside! Do not stray from a cloudy sky. Even when the sun is not shining, it is even brighter outside.

According to experts, already half an hour a day is enough to improve mood. The ideal is a stroll during the bright noon, because the movement also releases hormones of happiness.

Internally, the day-traded special lamps can help you. They emit cold white light, which resembles sunlight and is intended to have a refreshing effect.

Healthy eating: boost from within

At colder temperatures the natural need for carbohydrates and fat increases, you have automatic access to heavier dishes. At the same time, the selection of seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables will be reduced.

This combination can lead to nutrient deficiency or hypersensitivity, which in turn can manifest mood swings or concentration disorders. That is why healthy eating is so important right now.

These foods must provide a natural balance.

Magnesium can help increase energy and efficiency. The mineral is included, inter alia, in bananas, nuts, berries, dairy products and whole grains. Also, an additional supply of vitamin D is now paying attention, because the body can produce this without exposure to the sun itself. Foods such as sea fish (for example salmon or sardines), egg yolks, avocados or mushrooms can serve as a source.

Wellness and fragrances: a balm for the soul

Doing something good for yourself has a huge impact on our well-being. Whether in the sauna, with a long bathtub or even in the wellness hotel: Relaxing wellness experiences make it easier to forget that a long, cold winter is imminent. Even massages can neutralize autumn wings: Research has found that they also stimulate serotonin production.

To start the day in a good mood and to match, changing shower and care products with essential oils such as citrus fruits or ginger aid. In addition, special aromatic oils or aromatic candles from aromatherapy can help stabilize mood: lavender relaxes the nerves, the aroma of roses, the aroma of mint and tangerines stimulates and increases concentration, chamomile and orange negative moods let the vague thoughts "dissolve".

Recovery for body and mind

When you feel drunk and drunk, there is nothing wrong with going to bed early and sleeping a lot.

"These feelings can be allowed and used," says Katja Mierke, a psychology professor at the Hochschule Fresenius in Cologne. A little slowdown is not a shame: the body and the soul could come to rest. Not for nothing, many animals go into hibernation.

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