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Risk of infection: Antibiotic resistant pathogens can be transmitted by washing machines. This is demonstrated by a study called a milestone.

Because of everything that comes out of the washing machine is also clean. Hygienists at the University Hospital Bonn report in the journal "Applied and Environmental Microbiology" that this is not the case and that even a fresh laundry may even present a risk.

The investigation culminated in the discovery that the bacterium Klebsiella Oxytoca had been repeatedly detected in the neonatal ward of a children's hospital. This can lead to gastrointestinal and respiratory infections and, in the worst case, fatal intoxication by blood, as stated in a message.

Although there was no infection in the hospital, the pathogen in specific cases would have been barely treated, if at all.

In the rinsing and rubber compartment

In order to locate the source and possible routes of dissemination, experts from the Institute for Hygiene and Public Health (IHPH) of the University Hospital Bonn compared several samples of patients and personnel and assumed that the newborn samples were in danger.

The researchers thus identified the only possible entry point: "The Klebsiella oxytoca type was clearly detected in the rinsing compartment and the rubber door of a washing machine in the basement, cleaning the socks hand-knitted and service baby caps, "says the IHPH. Director Martin Exner, who participated in the study. About the clothes, they were then transferred to the babies.

Potentially dangerous

The way germs are entered into the machine is not clear. Scientists suspect, however, that they did not put on the clothes when washing, but during the last rinsing with cold water or over the residual water accumulated in the rubber seal of the machine. This is known as the microbial paradise.

According to the researchers, the results also apply to households. There could also be such transfers. This is not a problem for healthy people. But for people with weak immune systems, chronically ill, old and newborns, this could be dangerous.

As stated by, the study is considered an important step by hygienists. This confirms for the first time what we have suspected for a long time: resistant germs are transmitted only by supposedly clean clothes.

The video above explains how to prevent such a bacterial load and reduce the risk of infection. In addition, the following picture shows how often you should wash your towels so they do not turn into bacteria to germinate.

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