Marathon Run: With these tricks, you run 42 kilometers

Column: "This Is How It Works": You also manage to run a marathon – if you pay attention to these things

FOCUS online composer Mike Kleis could never have imagined doing a marathon eight years ago. Today even the marathon runs, so beyond the 42km limit. Here he reveals his tricks.

Does it make sense to run a marathon? No! Is it healthy to run a marathon? No! But it can be incredibly fun. And whoever comes to the finish will feel as good as ever.

Who can run a marathon, which is considered particularly decisive, hard and effective. In our society, it is important to be a successful person. This is the dream of many to complete the 42 kilometers.

Basically, a healthy and average athlete takes about a year to prepare for the first marathon. For me 2012 was a dream. And honestly? I never thought in January 2012 that I could ever conquer this distance.

I was very fat, didn't do much sports, I smoked and just walked ten kilometers. And then he felt very, very close to death. When I got to the end of the Cologne Marathon after just ten months of training in my first year, I didn't care about time. I didn't even see the clock. I survived. And with that I reached the maximum.

Exciting, but without time?

Forget the time

And this is perhaps the most important first hint: you should enjoy the first marathon. Arrival and survival is the motto. Delivery is not an option. And first you have to feel what it's like to cross the finish line after 42 kilometers.

You just need to focus on maintaining your health. Not only this, unnecessary time pressure can cause serious injury, because power suddenly disappears and you are out of focus. In fact, many who are anxious after time should give up early.

Whoever is running a marathon too fast will pay for the apprenticeship. You can do it, but you don't have to. Feel first in a marathon. Listen to what the body tells you. You cannot drive after a driving test. You really only drive after a few years. And if you drive too fast too soon, you'll get blows. It's the same as running a marathon.

No security and clarity: Stay away from the marathon

Perfect preparation should not be discussed. Whoever sees a marathon as a test of courage plays at best with fire. When it's stupid with your life. First, the walk with the doctor must be. The cardiologist must look at your heart. Make sure you create a sound heart. The ultrasound maker makes it very easy to see if everything is fine with your heart.

You should also have respiratory gas analyzes. Good sports doctors can do this so that you can find out the range of optimum and above all individual pulses. When Do You Burn Fat? How and where is your maximum heart rate? Important parameters that you can use later in your training to prepare well. To get to the finish healthy.

You must also have done a current analysis. In any shoe business you run you will be able to work with them. Find out which shoe is best for you. Better is a deep analysis, which is offered, inter alia, by the Institute for Functional Diagnosis (IFD Cologne) in collaboration with the Cologne Sports University. This analysis reveals all your strengths and weaknesses.

Short biography of Mike Kleiss

Mike Kleiss has been doing sports since he was a kid. "The one who moves the most succeeds" is the motto of his life. Running has always been his favorite subject. For seven years she runs almost 15 to 20 kilometers daily, often a marathon, sometimes an extra marathon. So far, our columnist has published two books on function. He is the founder and CEO of GOODWILLRUN Communications. Mike Kleiß lives with his family in Hamburg and Cologne. He writes here every Thursday about running.

The secret is not running

This hint may bother you. But even more important than the current training is the work for your strength! The focus of marathon preparation is muscle training. First of all, you should definitely strengthen your stomach and torso muscles. Both areas give you stability. At 42 kilometers you need a lot.

Even experienced runners neglect Stabi training. Not infrequently, they then bend well ahead of the finish. The good trainers in every gym are aware of the hardships and worries of marathon runners. And any good coach will be able to show you the right exercises. To be able to do what you really want to do: Run!

Never run a marathon in education

Over the years, I have been able to speak with many experts from the Cologne Sports University. Everyone was always advised not to run the full distance before the race. Usually the distance from the actual marathon is just too short. The body cannot recover quickly enough from exercise.

In fact, you have to walk more than 30 kilometers once. Not in the race, not four weeks before the marathon, but in preparation. So you can get used to the body of this extraordinary condition.

A hot tip: You might 'pamper yourself' at a semi-marathon a few weeks before the big event. You can already spray the air of competition and you can see exactly where you are.

In any case: Develop your own roadmap. Increase your education slowly. Four sessions a week should be enough because the body needs time to regenerate. Include space training, long runs, fast runs, slow runs.

Listen to yourself, control your senses

You have discovered by breathing gas analysis your perfect heart rate. Use these values. Almost all runners make the same mistake: they run very fast. And that's why they give up even faster. Therefore, a heart rate meter is essential for beginners. A look at the watch is enough and you just know it. If you are at your ideal heart rate during training, you will notice how slow it is at first.

The good news: the practice is perfect. No other sport grows as fast as running. You will soon become faster with the same pulse. I promise! But only if you adhere to this iron tip.

More important than nutrition is proper training

Believe me: the food is overpriced. And very often, food is just an annoying marketing bubble. Therefore: Relax: You do not need to change your diet for marathon training. Far more important than nutrition is proper training. And this I have outlined above for you.

However, during the preparation period you should mainly use foods such as pasta and potatoes. They contain a lot of carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements. Three times a day a handful of fruits or vegetables complete a good diet.

And: drink! Drink a lot! Above all, water. Happy with an apple juice splash, which is also an ideal mix for marathon competition.

And the biggest secret at the end: the Marathon was yesterday. Because the trend goes to the half marathon. This distance is quite enough, not so unhealthy, and yet you can say so long.

That's how it works.

"LIIT" is just as effective as hard space training, but not exhaustive