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It's time to act

With an influenza vaccine today, you are effectively protecting yourself against a disease that requires many lives each year.

The vaccine is the most important protection measure for those affected, despite varying effectiveness from one season to the next.

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Local pharmacies are now reporting on the need for the annual flu shot. This program will be offered to all people over 60, to pregnant women, to people with diabetes, asthma or cardiovascular disease suffering from chronic diseases and to highly publicized people, such as: medical staff and nurses, educators, teachers, bus drivers and conductors are recommended.

This year too, a vaccine will be available for the vaccine. The optimal vaccination period is between October and November, so they are prepared for the new flu season early.

The seasonal flu vaccine is well tolerated, a so-called dead vaccine, that is, it contains no pathogens that can be reproduced, so it can not cause the flu or transmit the vaccine virus to others. Vaccine safety has also been confirmed for pregnant women and their unborn children.

The real flu (flu) is not just a cold, but a serious illness. Each year, between 290,000 and 650,000 people die from respiratory tract infections caused by influenza viruses.

Influenza is caused by viruses that are transmitted by droplets – such as sneezing, coughing, or talking. In addition, flu can be transmitted from hand to hand, for example by shaking hands or on contaminated objects (door handles).

There is a risk of infection especially when many people are in public transportation, workplaces, schools and shopping centers.

After the contagion, about one-third of those affected show severe signs of illness, such as a sudden high fever above 38.5 degrees Celsius, a dry and irritable cough as well as headaches and body aches.

In about another third, the flu is less serious. Even in simple cases, the illness lasts five to seven days.

And a third does not get sick but can infect other people with the flu. Therefore, the flu vaccine is the best way to protect yourself and others against the flu.

If you have questions on this topic, consult your local pharmacist.

Dr. Barbara Thie-Mehne Spokesperson for the Saale-Orla-Kreis pharmacies