6 celebrity tips for an ultimate shine

Immaculate skin with irresistible shine: we reveal what products celebrities swear for a great look and how you can charm your radiant complexion effortlessly …

1. Miranda Kerr relies on hyaluronic ampoules

"I swear on Hyaluron"reveals the Miranda Kerr model. "As a spray for the face, this is the Perfect skin care betweenThey moisturize the skin and create a beautiful glow. " Excellent: For some hyaluronic ampoules, there is an excellent atomizer. Just add water – wonderfully refreshing.

"Hydra Plus", buy here for about 17 euros

2. Bridget Malcom's Beauty Tip: Shea Butter

The property of shea butter? She is super moisturizer, The Australian model Bridget Malcom knows it too and leans on the natural hydro-boosters, "I rely on this ingredient in my routine care"said Bridget.

birth "Shea Butter – 306", shop here for about 10 euros

3. With Glow Grape Seed Oil at the Gwyneth Paltrow

The actress Gwyneth Paltrow swears Grape products for a pure complexion. Finally, they are full of antioxidants true anti-aging booster are. Gwyneth's advice: "I carefully massage the grape seed oil into the skin, the stimulates blood circulation".

birth "Grapeseed oil (n ° 210)", buy here for about 8 euros

4. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley swears by retinol

C & # 39; The superhero of skin care: Retinol activates cell renewal and brings to everyone dull skin to shine! British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is already a fan: "The active ingredient Tighten the skin and let them shine. "

"Intensive Retinol Serum", buy here for around 35 euros

5. Vitamin C is the secret weapon of Liza Soberano

Wow! Liza's complexion radiates with the sun. The secret of the actress? "My care includes a lot of moisture and vitamin C." No wonder, after all, substance is a true radical scavenger!

Bioniva "Vitamin C Serum", buy here for about 19 euros

6. Karolína Kurková is a fan of honey

Not only delicious, but also attentive! Applied on the outside, Honey has an antibacterial and moisturizing effectEven the manikin is excited: "I like to distribute a Portion of milk, honey and oats on my face! "

"Bee Peptide", buy here for about 22 euros

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