Maite Kelly: Bad crisis! She is ready!

She is so tired! Despite her rigorous sports program and healthy diet, Maite Kelly is just not going to fall. The reason? A health problem disconcerts her – and, of course, it seems to frustrate her. Because exclusive recordings in the video show that the singer is rather moody in Düsseldorf:

It's a problem that has kept her occupied since her teenage years: how to take off ?! Maite Kelly has always struggled with her feminine curves – like many other women. "There were times when I imagined I had to be thin, I was following one by one, he had nothing but psychoterror," she sadly admitted, even though "Closer" recently discovered the singer. Leaving a recording studio in Duesseldorf, strikingly: Maite currently seems in her body not to feel particularly comfortable.Because even though the sun is shining and the temperatures are still late in the summer, she is wearing a black satin piece that completely covers her arms and legs, and it's understandable that Maite is slow enough to be in a steady state of crisis.After all, she's very disciplined: "I do not really see him, but I walk in fact three times a week to follow me. may, "she explained, and that's not all: her merciless fitness program includes jogging, cardio and dance, and of course she also attaches great importance to healthy eating, especially in trying to eat fruits and vegetables.

Maite Kelly pushes weight loss

Maite also recently revealed her secret: she meditates regularly, as it should also help you lose weight. What is even scientifically proven: a team from the Dutch University of Wageningen has just discovered that meditators can better determine if they are really hungry or just want to eat chocolate, etc. Meditation helps you determine what you really need at some point. The relaxation technique not only boosts self-confidence, but also self-control – one of the most important factors for changing long-term eating behavior.

In recent weeks, Maite has taken a break from the tour to relax in Spain with her children. And of course, on vacation, it feels good, it will not have been different with the singer.

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Mait adds that a health problem makes her crazy about the bill (weight loss). "I have a pretty terrible hypofunction of my thyroid and that is why I am very careful," she said in an interview. This means that the thyroid gland produces fewer hormones than it really needs.

This "Abnehmbremse" internal to the body is certainly frustrating for all the discipline, especially because Maite had already realized during his participation in the show "Let's Dance" of RTL 2011 his dream figure: Since that she lost nine kilos. "Wow! I do not recognize myself anymore. Whenever I arrive at the rehearsal, I see myself on the TV screen and I say to myself, "Oh, that's not so bad," she said confidently. If she currently aspires to this feeling? Well possible. She looks – whatever her weight – always great, that's what her fans, who like her curves. So do not worry, maite!