Jolanda Müller, veterinary practitioner: "Unfortunately, many veterinarians are working on a rail of fear" – Limmattal

Jolanda Müller's practice in Dietikon is somewhat hidden. Large posters with the words "Praxis 4 Pfoten" lead to a small staircase to the outside of a building. There is a large Golden Retriever waiting in the ground. The tail that moves the dog runs in a circle. He's panting a lot. Its owner, veterinary practitioner Jolanda Müller, calm him down. "It's my job," she says. Dietikerin has been a certified practitioner in traditional Chinese medicine for five years. In her practice, she takes care of small animals, mainly dogs and cats. In an interview, she explains what veterinarians think of their profession and why they also use human drugs in the animal.

What do you think is the alternative treatment method?

Jolanda Müller: Many animals are as well balanced as humans. The vet says, "Yes, they have to live with it." And with complementary medicine, there is still room for improvement.

Would you say that you are the last resort for these animals?

If the animals have already undergone many treatments, I would say yes.

Alternative medicines are often criticized for their inefficiency.

Yes, I often hear that. From "Vishivashi" to "that is quackery", I heard everything. In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves whether or not they believe it. Unfortunately, many veterinarians work on a rail of fear. Take the recurring theme of deworming. The vet says, "If they do not deworm the animal regularly, it could be very dangerous."

This is not fair in your opinion?

Exactly. A deworming cure lasts only 24 to 48 hours and you stay the same distance as before. It is best to strengthen the immune system, so that it does not even go so far that the animal has worms. This can also be achieved through nutrition and herbs. Dewormers contain nerve poison. It goes in the blood, the rest you can imagine.

What exactly?

These treatments affect the intestinal flora, which has an unexpected effect on the health and behavior of animals.

So would you advise against that?

In any case. One should instead regularly check the feces and if that were then to give evidence of worm, you can still treat the people targeted.

They say veterinarians are working on a rail of fear. What exactly do you mean?

They work with people's anxiety, letting them think that, if they do not receive a particular treatment, the animal may be worse off. Some veterinarians are afraid of competition. Suddenly, a veterinarian might be more successful than the school doctor.

To be able to talk about competition, veterinarians must first perceive you as a naturopath.

Yes it is true. But they see a danger, they advise the owners of animals to visit us, it would not bring anything anyway.

Does it bring something?

Of course. But there are also cases where I can not help alone. For example, I took care of a dog that had a tumor. The owners then opted for chemotherapy. Of course I accept it. I am not going and trying to change people, I promised the owners that I would help them.
With a change of diet and medicinal mushrooms, the dog would have tolerated better the chemotherapy. Unfortunately, veterinarians present in the oncology of the owner have urgently discouraged the use of alternative medicine.

Do you also treat your own dog?

Yes. I abstain as much as possible from the veterinarian, except for X-rays or laboratory examinations. My dog ​​is old, so we go to physiotherapy once a month, where she is massaged. In the meantime, I am doing acupuncture and she is still receiving supplements for food. She's not the youngest, but she's fine – also thanks to my help.

They only talk about physical suffering. Do you also treat animals with mental health problems?
Of course. I was once with a cat who was dirty. First, the owner was at the vet, who could not detect any organic disease. So I went to their house. They had a total of four cats. My first task was to analyze the constellation of cats. Since then, it appeared that there were two groups. And just as the impure cat behaved, I knew that the problem lay in the constellation.

How did you go then?
I made a mix of Bach flowers. The cat wanted to run away, the situation was too stressful for her and she could not do it.

Was this mix of Bach flowers the same as the one used in humans?

Yes, they are the same Bach flowers.

Are often used preparations also suitable for humans?

In some cases already, but not always. All herbs are not good for the animal. But there are also medicines for human use that you can and should use in animals. For example, painkillers. My dog, for example, takes a painkiller, which is actually intended for human use.

Are not you worried?
No, there are certainly animal preparations that come from the human domain and are approved. The same applies to acupuncture and massage.

How does the animal shut up during acupuncture?

Different. Some are relaxed, some are stressed and some are really heavy. They just do not want to sit. I have also had such a case.

How did you do it then?
Simply: patience, to meet the animal and calm him down.

For whom it works more – in dogs or cats?
In dogs, definitely.