Cartoonist Ralph Ruthe auctiones the cause of the Alzheimer's Research Initiative e.V. – Pharma Relations

For the author, musician, filmmaker and designer Ralph Ruthe, the auction ends with a circle: "During my career as a citizen, I took care of Alzheimer's patients. That's why I have a personal connection to the subject, "said the 47-year-old Ralph Ruthe, who is currently working on his first feature film, deliberately chose the motive:" Humor Opens people to all kinds of topics. A stupid joke about forgetfulness can be a ramp to talk about Alzheimer's disease. Where you would otherwise have found no entry, you now start with a liberating laugh. "The eBay auction lasts until September 22 at 6 pm and can be contacted at the address:

Oda ┼×anel, Managing Director of AFI, said, "In the office, Ralph Ruthe's work is very popular and his enduring social commitment has impressed us too, which is why we are very grateful for his support. shows how to treat with humor the serious subject of memory loss. "

Alzheimer's disease, which affects about 1.2 million people, is already a widespread disease in Germany – with an upward trend. Until now, Alzheimer's disease is incurable. Large studies with new active ingredients have all failed in recent years. Therefore, the support of basic academic research is a major concern of AFI, so that new therapeutic approaches can be developed.