SG Medicine Rathenow: The big goal is the 2022 National Games

Reinhard Steger of SG Medizin Rathenow loves to remember the 2009 swimming as part of the Special Olympics. Ten years ago, athletes with intellectual disabilities made their debut in the large swimming pool of Landsberger Allee in Berlin. "It was a great atmosphere at the time.We were allowed to start in the pool, built specifically for the Berlin Olympic bid in 2000. Thanks to a specially organized family program, the room was very Many parents of the athletes were present, "says Reinhard Steger proudly today.

At that time, Rathenow's athletes were in good shape and could win many medals. "There was Kai Ernst, Marleen Preuss or Uwe Mannigel with us, they managed to fight for a few podium finishes for us, and we had a great success as a team," said Steger, who has been involved for many years with Special Olympics competitions with SG Medizin and has always been able to celebrate its successes.

"At that time, it was also a qualifying competition for the 2010 Bremen National Games and some of our athletes then managed to qualify for this competition," remembers Reinhard Steger.

So was reported ten years ago on the drug SG.

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The result of intense preparation for the 15 athletes of Rathenow at the end of the 17 medals. "We were very happy, and at the 2010 Bremen Games, we had a lot of success," said Reinhard Steger, who also competes with his athletes at the Neuhaus Special Cross. This will be held as part of the Rennsteiglaufes. "For our athletes, such events are always something very special, and you have been asking how many weeks they still need to train," says Reinhard Steger, who already has the next major events with SG athletes.

2022 are held in Berlin National Games. "Our athletes are already working on this, because they all want to be on their own field at a competition," says Reinhard Steger. But it requires a lot of training. "The wait is already good, the competitions will take place mainly in the rebuilt Jahn sports park and in the Max-Schmeling-Halle in Berlin," said Steger.

And just a year later, the next big moment awaits the athletes. "So even the World Games are going to take place in Berlin, some athletes are hoping to be there as well, but sport development should start," says Steger, hoping his athletes will continue to demonstrate a level of diligence as well. high than before.