Renegade diet: losing weight like rebels?

Renegade Diet: Background

  • Renegade translates as rebel and therefore the Renegade regime is a Diet for the rebelsThis could be due to the fact that the diet is quite difficult, but without being radical or unilateral.
  • On the contrary, the Renegade regime, developed by American fitness professional Jason Ferruggia, combines several sensitive diets. Jason Ferruggia wanted above all to develop a diet adapted to athletes and fitness enthusiasts. As a result, plays training also an important role.

Renegade Diet: Calories

  • To lose weight or stay fit, we must keep up with the caloric pace. Since Jason Ferruggia takes a lot of time to train, there is no strict calorie deficit. The plan is therefore also suitable for the long term and is not aimed at short term success, which is then canceled by the yo-yo effect.
  • Your calorie count is determined by a simple formula: You double your weight and multiply it by 12. Thus, the one who weighs 60 kg has a calorie limit of 1,440 calories (60x2x12).

Renegade Plan: Plan Composition

The Renegade diet is based on a healthy and balanced diet, training and intermittent fasting.

  • nutrition: The foods you eat during the diet must be fresh and natural. French fries and pizzas are not on the program. It is important to absorb all macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) and to have enough micronutrients (vitamins, etc.). You should eat vegetables every day and value the good sources of high omega-3.
  • training: The Renegade diet is definitely not for the sports mittens. Every day, a training of 45 to 60 minutes is planned. A combination of strength and endurance training is recommended to lose body fat and maintain or develop muscles. Regular sleep and little stress in daily life are also important. This can be an aid to meditation or yoga. How to learn meditation is explained here.
  • Intermittent fasting: An important part of the diet is that Fast and refrain from breakfastThe diet provides a fasting period of 16 hours, which means that there is an 8 hour window during which you can have your meals. Advanced users may even refrain from eating for 20 hours. In advance, however, should be checked in consultation with a doctor your health and diet tolerance for you.

Renegade Diet: The 2 phases

  • Under eating: The eight-hour meal is divided into two phases. The first four hours are marked as underconsumption phase. During this time, you only consume about 15% of your calories a day and limit yourself to small meals. Make sure you consume protein and fats and put carbohydrates in the evening (after exercise).
  • L & # 39; binge: During the last four hours you can eat a lot. In particular, the meal after the evening sport can be enriched with carbohydrates. Make sure you drink a lot during the fasting hours to control your cravings. When eating, you should drink enough to avoid digestion.

From the military regime to the New York regime – you will also find less well known regimes in our country. But of course, we also have everything for the low carb diet.

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