A woman wants to lose weight, but she was not expecting the reaction of her coach

Market Harborough (United Kingdom) – Lisa Parratt would not have expected that: she wanted to participate in a training camp to lose weight and was excluded because she should be too fat.

Lisa (right) should be too fat to lose weight.

Lisa Parratt, 33, of Market Harborough, has a problem. She currently weighs about 160 kilograms and would like to change that.

But she is currently attending a gym and doing a lot of sports in her spare time.

At the gym, she met Gary Randall, a professional bodybuilder and regularly organizes training camps for overweight people.

Lisa is also enrolled in her next crash course and she has joined the private Facebook group with several others to organize the training camp.

But suddenly the problem of the young woman has increased: it should be too big for the course. How is it possible?

Gary wrote in the group animation that The Sun wrote: "Hi Lisa, I saw you at the gym and unfortunately I have to tell you that you're a bit too big for my class, so if you lose 30 pounds of fat, I can help you. "

A real drama for Lisa, because she already has low self-esteem. She burst into tears at the news and posted the conversation later on the social network Facebook.

"I do not hide my weight, but I expect professional staff who offer a professional service that there may be a better response," she wrote on the catches. screen, according to The Sun. "Why did not he come to talk to me softly when he saw me?"

Gary Randall likes to pose in front of the camera, even at the hairdresser's.

Gary Randall likes to pose in front of the camera, even at the hairdresser's.

Gary, who often calls himself Buffmaster, sticks to his decision and replies to their message: "It's always better to be honest, even if it's sometimes brutal in my business. Teambuffmaster, "he wrote on his blog private and professional account.

On his Facebook page, however, there were so many negative comments that he put the whole page offline the next day.

Lisa had a lot of positive news at the same time.

She claims to have received about 500 private messages. Dozens of them are expected to attend, offering gyms and coaches free training.

Among them was Diren Kartal. On Instagram, he is an idol of sport (nearly 100,000 subscribers). He not only offered to coach him in a sporting manner, but also scorned the Buffmaster in a video. "His name sounds like a cleanser," he said, according to The Sun.

"I do not know the majority of these people, it's really overwhelming.I want to thank everyone, that made me understand that there is much more in this world than I do." thought so, "she concluded.