Medi-Talk: Let's talk about health and medicine: the modern ambulance

The interest in health topics is greater than ever. Patients, relatives and interested people want to understand, have their say and above all be enlightened. Prevention and follow-up, various medical conditions or the evolution of health care are content that occupy a lot.

The Alfried Krupp Hospital, in collaboration with journalist and moderator Wulf Mämpel, has the opportunity to invite people to a debate on health and medicine in the eleventh year. Medi-Talk wants to give ideas, pass on knowledge and answer questions. In a relaxed, informative and entertaining atmosphere, experienced physicians and experts from other fields will discuss competent medical topics and current topics close to the patient.

On Monday, September 16 at 7 pm, the title of the evening will be "The Modern Emergency Physician: Fast, Competent, Successful". Wulf Mämpel, who has conducted more than 100 interviews on economic, political, cultural and medical issues over the last ten years, has hosted high-end guests on the podium: med. Andreas Grundmeier (Director of the Department of Emergency Medicine of Evangelical Hospitals of Essen-Mitte), Dr. med. med. Joachim Riße (Deputy Director of the Center for Emergency Medicine of the University Hospital of Essen), Prof. Dr. med. med. Klaus F. Waschke (Chief Medical Officer of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Alfried Krupp Hospital), Dr. med. med. Dagmar Milicevic (Medical Director, Central Emergency Room, Alfried Krupp Hospital), Med. Ingo Voigt (Chief Medical Officer of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Elisabeth Hospital, Contilia Group), Thomas Lembeck (Chief of Fire Department of Essen).

After the conference, visitors have the opportunity to ask questions of the podium guests. The entrance is free, registration is not necessary. Location: Berthold Beitz Saal, Alfried Krupp Hospital in Rüttenscheid, Alfried-Krupp-Straße 21, 45131 Essen.