Healthy weight loss with beet diet

She has a very special taste, is incredibly healthy and scores points on the plate with its pretty pink color: the beet! Vegetables do not taste good, but as you can lose weight with them, it's worth giving them a second chance. We explain how the beet diet works and why not only your figure, but also your health benefits.

With the diet of thin red beet in the fall

BBQ, cocktail at sunset, the many excellent restaurants on the beach vacation – have you thrown your good intentions in nutrition during the summer? Anyone can understand, because during sweet evenings, pleasure is a top priority. Those who want to lose the well-being now, everything is fine with the Red Beet diet, because in just seven days you can lose one or the other kilo, reactivate digestion and improve fat burning . During the diet, everything revolves around red-rose vegetables which, by the way, have their peak season from October and are therefore perfectly suited to the autumn cure. These are available in several versions, we present you a very simple and fast version.

Here's how the beet diet works

During the diet, each of the three main meals and snacks should contain beetroot. Morning and evening, you drink a smoothie, at noon, it can be a salad with vegetables. And here is what the meal looks like in detail …

  • Breakfast + dinner – smoothie

Morning and evening, a smoothie is on the menu. To do this, cut the diced fresh beetroot and mash with lemon juice, half a cup of coconut water and a pinch of Himalayan salt in a blender. If your stomach becomes heavy, you can double the amount of ingredients.

At lunch, a light salad on the menu provides you with healthy protein and fat. The basic ingredients are once again beet (a medium sized tuber), which can be combined with nuts, broccoli, carrots, apple slices, feta and cold-pressed oil, fresh herbs and vinegar. Give free rein to your imagination: the salad can be prepared to your liking.

  • Snacks – Smoothie

If craving for hunger reigns during the afternoon or if lunch goes back, another variation of smoothie is allowed. To do this, roll a large beetroot and mix with three carrots, half a glass of water, lemon juice and a little mint (especially if you are hungry for sweets). On weekdays, prepare the shake and bring it to the office.

  • Do not forget the liquid

During the diet week, you must be sure to drink enough fluid. Water, tea or unsweetened coffee (no sugar and no milk) are optimal.

Why you can lose weight with beetroot

A week to eat beets and lose weight? Works for several reasons: first, because a lot of calories are saved. 100 grams of vegetables contain 43 light calories – everyday sweets high in sugar and fat (chocolate, rolls, etc.) fall. The daily energy intake therefore decreases automatically. On the other hand, beet is a real thin booster. Your secret? Pink vegetables contain valuable fibers that saturate very well, prevent cravings and stimulate digestion. Beet is also rich in potassium, a mineral that regulates the balance of water and helps to detoxify the body.

But that was not all: the regular Powerknolle promotes the formation of so-called mitochondria – the powerhouses of our cells. They have a positive effect on performance and ensure that we feel essential. But with the help of new mitochondria, the body can also burn more fat.

Other benefits of beet

The beet diet not only promotes fat burning and digestion, but also has significant health benefits. Vegetables contain vitamins A, C, B and folic acid, which strengthen the immune system and affect many metabolic processes. The list of minerals is also long: iodine, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and a large amount of iron are found in the tuber. The latter, for example, helps us to feel fit and energetic, promotes healthy hair and nails, and plays an important role in cell formation. Last but not least Beet is rich in plants such as betaine and anthocyanins. They act as antioxidants in the body and therefore have an anti-cancer effect and prevent heart disease.

The conclusion of the plan? She is very healthy, drops the pounds and can be maintained for up to seven days. However, the treatment should not be prolonged because the diet is rather biased, despite healthy vegetables. And with or without a diet – we are inspired to eat the underrated beet much more often thanks to its healthy ingredients in autumn and winter!

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