Board game in failure: "Hadara"

Here, companies thrive for three eras. On four scales, each player measures how well he manages to move his own. They represent the income (yellow), military (red), crop (blue) and food (green). To advance, cards are needed – in which there is a fifth color, Lila, for all kinds of special effects.

"hadara": The player is kidnapped in different cultures and countries

Therefore, the central display is also pentagonal, with a gear in the center. The player icons on it indicate who can take two cards from which deck. This happens five times in a row: each time, an additional rotation is performed. You can buy a card to put it immediately on your personal board or sell it for more money later; This is notoriously rare – common in games like this. You place the other next to the pile – you can buy it.

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Every purchase changes the scale and is worth the victory points. The income scale affects – a suspect – about the money available. Nutritional value determines how many cards you can own. military allows colonization of colonies. And culture culminates in construction, finally, busts pointus. In each of the three eras, that is, turns, a random selection of new card games is used. The variance is great, even if it is ultimately victory points.

military or agriculture: glory and honor for his world

Visually, all of this is doing something. But those who hope to find here a simulation of the history of the world will be disappointed – this is already seen in the extremely peaceful course; unfortunately, civilization never worked. Here, we buy cards, we evaluate the colors, we are content with the effects of mechanics of the game – it is almost necessary to force to realize that the illustrations (of the series successful) also have a relationship with their game value. special cards in purple vary considerably in utility value; pure luck because the good to catch. "hadara"Remains completely abstract, a tactical bingo with additional rules.However, the basic structure of the rules is modified editorialally.This contributes, at least over the duration of a game of about an hour – and several episodes.

of Stefan Gohlisch/ ROUND