With these delicious alternatives, you save everyday calories – without realizing it

If you want to lose weight, you do not necessarily have to follow a strict diet, because we will offer you delicious alternatives, thanks to which you will be able to continue to savor your favorite dishes, but which, at the same time, can save calories without being noticed …

If you want to have a flatter stomach, lose fat in your thighs or if you usually want to weigh a few pounds less, you usually think that you only have a choice of diet-based diets. iron. but These are generally not only associated with a strict waiver, but are also rather ineffective in the long run because cravings and the yo-yo effect are often the result.For those looking for a softer version, we have now found the ideal solution as one can with pleasure and almost without realizing it, can melt the poundsWho does not want pasta, pizza and co, for which we now have We have found delicious and healthier alternatives that help us save calories every day.

1. Balsamic instead of French vinaigrette

If you want to lose weight, you will automatically begin to eat salads, but these can also be real calorie bombs. Dressings and sauces such as French, yogurt or Caesar sauces not only contain a lot of calories, but are also very sweet, which completely increases blood sugar levels and makes you want more than ever before. Instead, add olive oil and high quality balsamic vinegar. You should also avoid croutons, ham cubes and porcini mushrooms in your salad, but you can rest on delicious additions like pumpkin, walnuts or tofu in autumn.

2. Whole wheat pasta instead of white flour pasta

The argument that noodles make you fat, we have already refuted by the diet of pasta. Pasta does not make you fat, because it depends only on the right ingredients. This applies to sauces as well as to the variety of pasta itself: the best way to achieve this variant is to use whole grains, which contain complex carbohydrates, which ensure a slow increase in blood sugar. In addition, they fill you up faster, so you do not need to overeat, which makes them ideal for weight loss and calories.

3. Tomato sauce instead of cream sauce

Even with the sauce you can save with the right balanced choice in your daily calorie balance: fat sauces such as carbonara – with cubes of bacon and a cream sauce – are considered true hypocaloric bombs and do not have nothing to look at your diet if you want to lose a few pounds. But you still do not have to go without noodles – meat and cream sauces can simply be replaced by more user-friendly alternatives, such as tomato sauce, seasoned with seasonal vegetables. Homemade pesto – with pine nuts, basil and olive oil – or a light avocado sauce is a less caloric and healthier alternative.

4. pumpkin instead of potatoes

The autumn is coming and brings many delicious vegetables that are perfect for losing weight. Our favorite fall vegetable is of course the pumpkin, which is excellent for soup, baked or baked on colder days and is also the ideal alternative to potatoes. The pumpkin is mainly composed of water and contains not only much less carbohydrates, but also calories (only 30 calories per 100 grams). In addition, it provides important ingredients such as vitamin C, beta-carotene, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron.

5. Sashimi instead of sushi

We also offer an alternative suitable for all sushi lovers, because the real caloric bomb of small Japanese outfit is neither vegetables nor raw fish. Rice weighs 130 calories per 100 grams, but if you let it go, you get the perfect snack to lose weight. Small pieces of raw fillet in the form of tuna or salmon are called sashimi and can be eaten with soy sauce, wasabi or ginger. Seaweed buns (wakame) or in summer are perfect.

6. Avocado cream instead of butter

With a fat content of about 81% and 717 calories per 100 grams, butter is a real fattening agent. If you want to lose a pound or two, you do not have to give up your bed, but you can, for example, bet on lawyers. They are butter fruits and are an excellent alternative to bread because they contain fewer calories, saturated fat and cholesterol, but more protein, fiber and vitamins. You can prepare the avocado cream yourself with a ripe fruit or buy avocado butter ready at the supermarket.

If you want more tips on how to save calories without having to go out of your daily routine, should definitely the book "Mincing with pizzas and pasta: Long-term weight loss by quick and easy recipes" by Sofia Pagano-Franke gain, which are already at Amazon for about 10 €. 💕

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