Weekend: Christine Theiss, the greatest expert on losing: "I do not believe in Diten"

Ms. Theiss, you have a doctorate in physics and a kickboxing world champion 23 times. In the TV show "The Biggest Loser", you help overweight people lose weight. For you, the biggest losers are the winners. This is unusual …

Yes. The biggest loser has become a sort of honorific title because people are doing something special. Our candidates are people who have often slipped on the margins of society because of their overweight and who are often very desperate. It's great to see how these people start working on themselves and getting things done. Behind every bank is a story. To treat it and to see how this story has shaped life so far in a negative sense often gives the decisive impetus to start again. Candidates become more disciplined, gain confidence and create things they would have abandoned before. Most importantly, the candidates are suddenly back, it's amazing!

In Germany, 75% of men and 59% of women are overweight. Why are men on average thicker?

The average German man earns 500 grams a year. That does not seem like much at first, but over the years, it's a problematic trend. I think beer after work always plays a big role with a lot of men. Alcohol contains a lot of calories. Women are generally more strongly defined on the outside. They want to slip into their clothes and their pants, while the Bavarians proudly wear their pants. Since the belly is almost a status feature. In some Bavarian communities, the proportion of overweight men is not 75, but 100%.

During the last ten years of the program, the 200 participants lost nearly seven tons. At what level can you realistically expect in ten weeks as a normal weight loss taker?

If you start with a Bodymaindex of 30, you can easily gain ten pounds in ten weeks. It does not even need a radical diet, but simply a deliberate change of diet and lifestyle habits. Of course, the candidates of "The Biggest Loser" sometimes lose ten pounds a week. But they practice a lot of sport and the team of experts pays special attention to the diet. In this regard, one can not compare the reduction results in the camp with a reduction in weight in "normal" daily life.

How can I start if I am not satisfied with weight and want to lose weight without having three coaches around me?

That's exactly what Mareike Spaleck, Ramin Abtin and I wrote in our book "The Biggest Loser: The Life Changing Challenge". So, you have almost three coaches on the side. And then, first of all, you have to do one thing: start. Do not say: tomorrow I start! In addition, do not even buy candy. Because what is not there, you can not eat. And then, it is worth looking for a "misfortune companion". Because together, everything is less difficult. Fitness bracelets are also a great support for beginners because you can check if you have actually walked 10,000 steps a day.

What error should I make in any case?

The capital mistake is that most of them exaggerate at the beginning. Before eating 2500 calories and suddenly only three carrots a day. This does not last long and is also a total nonsense. Long periods of hunger do not bring anything. Because it means that the body reduces the basic metabolic rate. When you eat normally again, you consume a lot more calories than the body really needs. And you start watching again

The yo-yo effect – in the long run it will be even harder than before …

That's why you should not push the body weight too fast and too rude. Who really wants to lose weight permanently, should pay attention to a reasonable diet, in which all nutrients are included and in which the body is not turned into starvation. I do not think about Diten. Because they usually depend on giving up or eating monothematically. It's absurd because the body needs everything! In the end, you need to consume fewer calories than you consume. There is also a so-called plateau phase during weight loss. It means: nothing works for a moment. This is perfectly normal, you should only be aware of it before. Then it means at the stop: close your eyes! And do not despair and break. Perseverance pays off!

Winston Churchill once said: no sport! Many people still think so today. Does losing weight also without sport?

That would be too much for me. And I do not think it's healthy either. I consider that exercise is essential, not only for developing muscles but also for feeling good in the body. Unfortunately, most people can not even walk to the commuter train without hyperventilation. Apart from that: Who drives the sport, can also eat sensibly. For this reason alone, I would never give up the sport because I love to eat!

They are easy going, they are former competitive athletes and mentally a woman with an iron will. What helps me as a consumer to double normalcy against the inside bastard?

Maybe knowing that competitive athletes only had to cook with water and also learn that discipline. The inner bastard torments me every day. But before asking for half an hour whether I'm jogging or not, I'll do it. And it helps to know how much you feel after exercise. And if you can not really get excited about a sport or if you do not plan it, do some 15-minute exercises at least once a day. The body needs these stimuli.

Is its forbidden for life like chocolate for weightlessness?

No. But if I eat a chocolate bar, I should run tight for an hour to reduce calories. Then I'm back on the status quo and I can eat normally. But if you want to lose weight, you must give your body less energy than necessary. Now I have to decide: do I do this with short chain carbs like chocolate, the effect of which disappears quickly and I quickly find myself hungry, or durable with the long chain carbohydrates, contained in the products whole grain? By the way: soft drinks are even worse than Schokis.

You are a qualified doctor. Why do you prefer to work for television and not as a doctor?

It has been too long since I have had more medicine and I have found other jobs that fill me up. I am married to a doctor and I experience every day what it means to be a doctor. Once you have lived outside this hospital, you can no longer imagine going to the hospital. Although I have the full license to practice, but for the specialist, it would take me several years. I will not do it again. Without a specialist, I do not want to be a doctor.