"I want the customer to feel good"

UPPER NEUKIRCHEN. Since January 2019, the cosmetics and pedicure studio "schönbefinden" is located in Oberneukirchen. Tips spoke to the founder, Anais Sislian.

"The subject of cosmetics has always fascinated me, I've always treated it, because I myself had many skin problems, I've had it myself." 39, acne, then I read more and more about it and I came to the conclusion: I am a beautician, "recalls Anais Sislian. The native Parisian, who moved to Waxenberg at the age of seven, is the boss of "Schönbefinden".

Beginning of self-employment

Her apprenticeship in aesthetic pedicure was completed by the 26-year-old at Kosmetik Eder in Herrenstraße in Linz. Focus: medical cosmetics. Even then, Sislian was motivated and competed in apprenticeships. After completing her apprenticeship, however, the Waxenberger moved to the big city of Vienna, where she also began her master's degree in cosmetic foot care. In addition, she trained as a makeup artist and continued to massage. Sislian finally decided to start his own business at the age of 23. Back to the Mühlviertel Five years should pass before the young entrepreneur returns to Upper Austria. "I then spent a lot of time thinking about a possible loophole in the market, then I looked a little at Linz, but the market was saturated, and then I thought, why not in my hometown, "said the 26-year-old. Said, done.

Broad offer

Since January 15, her salon has opened in Oberneukirchen city center and offers a wide range of products, from head to toe: beauty treatments, cosmetic appearance, medical cosmetics, anti-aging treatments # 39; acne and aging, microdermabrasion, micro – Nedling, foot care, hair removal, eyelash extensions, compaction and lifts. Makeup for special occasions offers Sislian. The offer is well accepted by customers. "We talked a lot and I'm working at full speed, basically I made my dream come true by opening my studio, where I felt good, where my hometown was," says the beauty specialist, pleased with her Incidentally, not only women would belong to their clientele: about 30% are men. "The man wants to be cared for," he said.

Beauty and well-being lead to "beauty"

Sislian came in the name of the show with her message, which she wanted to convey: "I've been thinking for so long, I thought I wanted the customer to feel good, the most important thing for me is that the client comes out and He feels good He should come here and should feel at home.It's the message I want to convey.And I've always thought: beauty, well-being, why not beautiful? "

Self-employment: "I think I was lucky"

When asked how she had participated in her decision to become self-employed, Sislian replied, "I think I was lucky, because I knew what I wanted right away." I think, then it's easy, if you find something that interests you, what you like to do – then you dare to do it too.I've been lucky to enjoy it.My work is also my hobby.I like to do that.Every time I come here, I have the feeling of realizing it, I am happy.And I think if you have this motivation – no matter in what area – it works perfectly. "Another topic for the young entrepreneur: the opportunity to grow as a business. "It would be fun – so that I could pass on my knowledge, it's also a sense and a purpose, we learn something that happens next.Now I just started, but if that happens, then definitely. "

How to recognize good beauticians

Incidentally, according to the expert, a good beautician must bring four elements: quality, competence, expertise and empathy. An absolute no-go? "Lack of hygiene in general – I also find the appearance.When I see, agree, everything is not round, so it tells me how I felt." C & # 39 is a problem even if someone offers a service without having followed the appropriate training.

online booking

Sislian offers its customers a treatment: in order to meet their customers, all appointments can be made online.