Riedl, president of the Community Alliance: "The debate on school doctors must be the reason for a wider debate on the health of children and adolescents"

Congregation calls for Summit on Children's and Youth's Health – Plan for School Physicians Must Be Removed

Vienna (OTS) "The Ministry of Health is preparing a prescription supposed to empower school doctors, but actually raises more questions than answers." To take a closer look at a system that did not work before – in compulsory schools – is cemented As the Austrian Association of Municipalities, we want to broaden and strengthen the health of children and adolescents, but not with a system that barely works.We urge the Minister of Health not to implement the but to convene a summit on the health of children and adolescents ", explains President of the municipality, Mayor Alfred Riedl,

The subject of the establishment doctors deals with the representation of the interests of the Austrian municipalities for some time. It was not until the spring of 2019 that the Federal Council of the Association of Municipalities unanimously adopted a proposal aimed at strengthening the health of children and adolescents, particularly with regard to the extension of the laissez-passer mother-child, because the experience of mayors, Schularzwes in compulsory schools is not effective. in terms of added value for the health and prevention of children and adolescents. In addition, an evaluation of the school system was launched two years ago and the first results give a sobering picture. "Although the final report is not yet available, should the system be strengthened by a regulation?" I wonder why an evaluation was commissioned while the results do not seem to interest anyone ", President of the Alfred Riedl Community Association on the incomprehensible approach of the Ministry of Health.

"Nobody can explain why it should not be possible for parents to go to their family doctor or pediatrician with their child over a year to determine his health status in his home. Together, we could help children understand the annual health checkup even more, "he says. Riedl,

The Austrian Association of Municipalities, as well as its regional associations, examined the draft regulation and resolved many serious concerns regarding content, constitution and protection of data. The opinion of the community is available on www.gemeindebund.at

Here are some excerpts from the community union's opinion:

  • vaccinations: Contrary to other information published in the media, the regulation does not change the situation regarding liability. Vaccine consultation and risk information that meets current requirements are not feasible in the school system.
  • Order is repeatedly illegal and illegal: For example, non-legal school doctors should provide personal data that they collect as part of health care education.
  • Data entry after "technical availability": Uniform electronic capture and registration at the national level would be welcome, but it shows that this is not technically and infrastructurally feasible. Because many school doctors have so far neither Internet nor personal computer in the course of investigations. The part is also still handwritten Documented document. Nevertheless, we even want to provide ELGA connections in schools.
  • 2,095 individual agreements: The health authorities must conclude agreements with the 2,095 municipalities (excluding Vienna) on the shared use of the school premises and the participation of the school's doctors.

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