More medicine places for rector "bad approach"

The doubling of the number of places of medical study required by politicians is "a bad approach" for the rector of the Vienna Medical University, Markus Müller. Austria is now already a net producer of doctors for the world, an extension of study sites "that would only boost fuel, and we would train with even more Austrian doctors for other countries", said Müller at the APA.

Johanna Mikl-Leitner, governor of Lower Austria, and Sebastian Kurz, the main candidate of the ÖVP, have called for the doubling of medical seats. The reason they gave a menacing shortage of doctors. Currently, 1,680 students a year are enrolled in the three medical universities of Vienna, Graz and Innsbruck and at the University of Linz.

"The system is like an addict"

Müller emphasized the "very high density of doctors and the extremely high number of graduates" in Austria. When we complained a few years ago of a "Ärzteeschwemme", there were 20,000 doctors, the list of doctors today counts 45,000 people, said the rector. And the Vienna Medical University has as many students per year (740) as the Harvard Medical School as a whole.

"My thesis is that the system is like an addict who does not stray from the druggist and still needs higher doses," Müller said. In addition, there is an "inefficient system that discourages young people", he said, referring for example to waiting periods for post-graduation learning, for example in Vienna.

By doubling the number of places to study, Austria would only pay for graduates to go abroad, also warned the president of the Chamber of Physicians, Thomas Szekeres, in the newspaper Ö1 midday.