Losing weight with HAZ – HAZ readers want to lose weight and trust a medical team in Hanover

In July, three HAZ readers met for the first time time with a Medical team of Hospitals of Hannover (KRH) to be fit together. Under the title "Hanover loses", they want to lose weight under professional supervision in one year. Angeli Amoo. Timo Hilgert and Denise Köhler discussed with the prof. Julian MallChief physician of the Department of General, Visceral, Vascular and Bariatric Surgery at Klinikum Nordstadt, the first changes in the field of nutrition, exercise and behavior. Now, readers have come to the first conclusion again on the Medical team,

HAZ readers lose weight

Meanwhile, HAZ readers got organized into a Whatsapp group. They motivate themselves, give advice and encourage. HAZ-reader Timo Hilgert food intolerance at the first meeting. mall prescribed exercises for the back and go to a nutritional consultation. In addition, bread and rolls were cut off the menu. Measure two months later mall and Dr. Michael Fiegenbaum again Body mass indexSkeletal muscle mass, fat mass, water percentage in the body and the proportion of so-called visceral fat – belly fat that can make you sick. "The percentage of belly fat has changed positively." Hilgert lost nearly two kilograms despite drug problems. "I do not use a lift, or rowing, I move more," she says Hilgert"But I miss the bread, when everyone has breakfast, I pull the oatmeal, it sucks." The 41-year-old man ate a slice of bread in just two months. "I am often hungry."

The teacher recommends a protein shake

professor mall is satisfied with the HAZ reader. "It's about losing about 5% of the weight in a year and keeping the result.This is much more effective than a radical cure." Recommended against hunger mall a protein shake. "If you eat badly, you can do more than 10,000 steps every day, it's useless." mall pleads for total omission of bread and alcohol. "It will not work every day, but it should be the demand." Hilgert should put more on the sport.

To lose weight, you need patience

The second participant Angeli Amoo after the first meeting with the Medical team started directly with more exercise. Three times a week, she goes to the gym, experimenting with Zumba and discovering podcasts as a complement to the sport. "I'm really fine," she told the doctors. At 52, he lost about four and a half kilos. "You can see that they are doing something," says mall, No candies amoo Completely, the fruits like blueberries do not eat them almost, one avoids the alcohol – "only with the evening of shooting in company". amoo Still not completely satisfied. Weight loss could go faster. mall insists on a realistic expectation. "The most important thing is to stay calm – almost five kilos, that's a lot – it's not a cause of frustration."

The next test is in October

The next appointment with the doctors is in October. Then, hopefully, the third participant, Denise Köhler, again. The 24-year-old is currently very stressed by her studies. "I hope she's listening," says the chief medical officer mall,

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