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Susanne Rhyner was only 13 years old when she started using the hormonal patch. "I had discovered sex very early and needed a reliable method of contraception," laughs the 28-year-old woman from Mollis in Glarus. For 12 years, she stayed with this remedy, in which female sex hormones estrogen and progestin are absorbed through the skin. The young woman did not have any side effects. "I have never had any physical problems." But at the age of 25, she suddenly realized: "My body has never known a proper ovulation cycle." She became more and more uncomfortable with this thought. Eventually, she decided to stop the hormones 3 years ago.

Since then, Susanne Rhyner and her friend have been using natural contraception. This means: no unprotected sex during fertile days. With a small computer, she measures the temperature every morning after waking up. Depending on whether the lamp is shining red, orange or green, caution must be exercised. "At first, I did not dare," admits the friend Pascal. "But in the meantime, I find it very exciting." When he met his partner 3 years ago, he had to deal with the running of the female cycle for the first time, he says. In previous partnerships, this was never necessary because all her previous friends had taken the pill. "We men do not usually care so much about prevention," he said.

Acne after stopping pills

It is not uncommon for women to take the pill soon after the onset of menstruation. Parents often need fear of teen pregnancy. Over the years, however, a certain amount of pills become tiresome. In addition, women complain of various complaints. The fact that hormones can cause weight gain, water retention, headaches or nausea has been known for some time. Depending on the preparation, the risk of breast cancer and blood clots increases slightly. If smoking is added, the risk of thrombosis, embolism and stroke increases.

For smokers, hormonal contraceptives containing both estrogens and progestins are banned. In addition to the various types of pills, these include hormonal patches and vaginal rings. Recently, research has also suggested a link to depression. And many women feel apathetic constantly with the pill.

"I think so
just a lot nicer to go with the cycle, instead of him
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Bea Loosli
Consultant in natural contraception

But stopping the hormones can be associated with disadvantages. It usually takes a little patience until you come back to a regular cycle. Susanne Rhyner, for example, suddenly had cystitis several times in a row, which links her to a change in vaginal flora. As a consultant for skin and makeup, she often meets clients who develop acne after stopping the pills. For female sex hormones, skin problems usually go away fairly reliably. Few young women swallow the puberty pill, mainly because of this beautiful side effect. In addition, the added hormones cause virtually no cramps during menstruation.

However, with a normal monthly cycle, the mood can fluctuate due to hormonal changes. While women in the first half of the cycle tend to be cheerful and creative, irritability may occur shortly before menstruation – this is known as premenstrual syndrome.

Physical pleasure is usually greater in the fertile phase. A disadvantage of the natural method of contraception is that you should not have unprotected sex if you want to avoid pregnancy. "But even then, you can have a creative and lustful sex," says Bea Loosli. The founder of Ladyplanet in Bubikon ZH, 40 years old, practiced natural contraception for 20 years and gave classes to women and couples. "During fertile days, no sperm should enter the vagina, no droplet of pleasure," she recalls, "otherwise everything is possible."

Security in your hands

The old business woman does not have children at her own request. For 10 years she has been advising women and men on issues related to the "natural woman". During this time, she rarely had unwanted pregnancies. And in these cases, there is always a certain lack of reliability, she suspects. The certainty of the method depends greatly on the knowledge of one's own body as well as practice and discipline. One advantage is definitely a regular cycle, says Bea Loosli. "But I certainly do not want to dissuade a woman from taking the pill, when she will be fine," she says. She simply finds "much more enjoyable to follow the natural cycle instead of removing it".

This is also what Susanne Rhyner sees. "Since I no longer take the pill, I feel much more feminine, stronger and somewhat more comfortable." She had become more decisive and more balanced. "In the past, I was often aggressive and angry," she recalls.

And, even with the natural method, they feel 100% safe now.

The couple can very well imagine having children later. But for the moment, it would not be ideal, explains Pascal. Because both are currently building their own businesses. Nevertheless, they are in agreement: a disaster would not be a pregnancy.

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