"And look to the future": a busy story

"The party, the party that is always right": The verse of the hymn of praise of 1949 is typical of personal worship and party in Stalinism and could serve as a guiding principle here. Communists convinced in the Soviet Union wanted to fight for the revolution, landed under the mass murderer Stalin in Siberian labor camps.

One of them is Antonia Berger (Alexandra Maria Lara). In 1952, she was allowed to intervene by SED politicians after more than ten years in Gulag with her daughter German Democratic Republic return. The party takes care of housing, work and treatment of the sick girl. But the returnee must sign with other misfortune companions to keep quiet about the arbitrariness of the fraternal state.

Missing intermediate tones

"The truth is what benefits us," says Silberstein, a party leader (Stefan Kurt). Live with the lie falls Antonia difficult, but she believes in communism – and stands between Dr. Konrad's political conviction and love (Robert Stadlober) grated.

The complex theme filmed Bernd Böhlich free after real events as informative, but coppery history lessonAs there are no intermediate tones, the officials are caricatures phrasendreschende, the jovial neighbor is a Stasispitzel.

Alexandra Maria Lara in their best role until now

The actors, above all Alexandra Maria Lara in their best role up to here, save the conventional drama. Luck, a little more explosive past but it's missed. The first eponymous line of the GDR's national anthem, "Risen from Ruins and the Future", seems disappointing in this context.

"And turned towards the future", director: Bernd Böhlichwith Alexandra Maria Lara. Robert Stadlober. Stefan Kurt, 105 minutes, FSK 12

of Margret Köhler / RND