New method promises rapid decline

Intermittent fasting reduce weight reduce reduce drinking water

With Interval Fasting: A research team from the University of Graz has tested a particularly effective new method. Scientists say this will help overweight people lose weight quickly and in good health. The diet should give the body more time to burn fat and reduce daily caloric intake. Unlike other fast methods between states, here are 36-hour breaks.

With fasting at intervals: a new method promises a weight reduction of 4.5% after just four weeks

The new method of weight reduction is based on the basic principles of interval fattening. There are two to three meal breaks of 36 hours a week. During this time, only water and tea are allowed. Then you can eat and drink anything you want in less than 12 hours.

Scientists at the University of Graz wanted to study the effects of this fast on the body and determine if it could actually lead to weight loss in obese people. In their study, healthy people who were fasting for forty-six hours two to three times a week for at least six months. The doctors performed various tests with the participants and compared the results to those of a control group of 60 people.

It was found that subjects reduced their weight by 4.5% after less than a month. The diet also had a very positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Interval fasting also permanently lowered the levels of the thyroid hormone T3. At the end of the trial period, the scientists came to the conclusion that fasting on another day could be beneficial for healthy people without heart problems. If you want to try it, you must absolutely consult the doctor first.

Take off with Intervall fast: these stars swear by the method

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Stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Hugh Jackman and Beyonce are among the best known followers of the Interval Fast regime. For example, Jennifer Lopez eats fruits and vegetables eight hours a day, then takes an eight-hour break. Gwyneth drinks a green smoothie for breakfast and then pauses for the rest of the day. But all the stars have sat down with a nutrition expert to find the best and healthiest variety for their bodies. Doctors advise against following a diet such as Gwyneth or Jennifer without first consulting an expert.

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