Result of the phone campaign – questions from our readers about "Goodbye Kippe!"

District. (Jgir / eb). In our last issue, we launched a phone campaign against smoking under the title "Hello Health – bye Kippe!". The action with the experienced experts in smoking cessation from the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA), Monica Stein and Tania Rolus, has been widely used to ask questions on a topic many of , unfortunately, do not get rid easily. Here are some answers to our readers' questions:

I saw my classmate who smoked and had the impression that she had aged faster than me in the face. Can this be linked to smoking?
It is possible: the toxic substances of tobacco smoke accelerate the breakdown of collagen. Collagen is an important stabilizer and a prerequisite for a smooth complexion. In addition, the skin is provided by smokers with less oxygen and moisture. As a result, they are more prone to premature wrinkles. By the way, skin ages even faster in smokers than in smokers. After quitting, the skin is better supplied with blood and appears cooler after a few days.

My father retired and quit smoking. But he has such a bad mood that it is unbearable. What should my mother do there?
If the bad mood is due to stopping smoking, it is certain that it will pass. Maintaining weaning is an arduous task, in this case also for your mother. She should try not to feel her mood and try to create beautiful moments for both. It's good to talk about it and become aware of the situation together. Many couples also agree to say that once alone, she goes to the movies or walks around if that is too much.

We want to stop three to support each other. But how is it supposed to work when we all have withdrawal symptoms?
It is not said that each of you will also participate in the withdrawal. Each weaning is individual. One suffers pretty, another does not have any problems. Think in advance about what is right for you and how to distract you.

I started to get bored again. But I am angry that I can not stand firm. What helps me if I try again?
Think of the personal reasons you wish to stop and formulate these reasons as positively as possible, for example "I want to breathe more freely again" or "I will save money for something beautiful". And then, you must make sure that feeling of boredom occurs as seldom as possible. Find interesting jobs, perhaps deepen your passion or start a smoke-free journey with friends. And be aware of the next stop of the smoke. Unfortunately, it is possible to relapse after a single cigarette.

After a cigarette, I feel full of energy. How can I do this as a non-smoker?
Continue your traffic. Cycling, walking and jogging help reduce stress and prevent weight gain. Incorporate exercise into the daily routine. Go down one stop earlier, take the stairs and not the elevator, enjoy the lunch break for a brisk walk. Water applications also help: Immerse your forearms in a sink with cold water. In the morning, you can rub your legs, arms, abdomen and chest with cold water until the skin is red and blood circulation is stimulated. And drink a lot of water, it also stimulates the circulation.

I heard from others that after quitting, they had a great thirst for chocolate. What are you doing there
If you want to eat fatty and sugary foods, you should give in to cravings in a controlled way instead of fighting them. Give yourself a piece of chocolate from time to time. Sit relaxed. Enjoy the smell of chocolate. Then let the first piece slowly melt in your mouth. Concentrate on soft melting on the tongue. Live this moment with all your senses.

I've read that you should eat fruit and vegetable sticks during weaning. But I also need a steak or schnitzel.
You should have that too! Chopped fruits and vegetables serve only to satisfy cravings or distractions, not to replace your usual meals. However, if you have weight problems, try eating fewer calories and getting rid of them by doing more exercise. Because the change of metabolism during the cessation of smoke can result in the first time a weight gain of two to four kilos. The background is that nicotine is eliminated as an appetite suppressant and metabolic accelerator.

Nicotine replacement products also contain nicotine. How to get rid of addiction?
In these preparations – sprays, chewing gums, lozenges – nicotine is absorbed through the oral or nasal mucosa or through the skin. For example, nicotine can enter the bloodstream with an effective concentration, but much more slowly than with smoking and without harmful substances such as tar or carbon monoxide. A gradual reduction in nicotine dose "engenders" physical dependence. Overcoming mental addiction, on the other hand, is a long process. You have to practice managing situations that were automatically linked to a cigarette without a cigarette.

My friend switched to the electronic cigarette without nicotine. Is it an alternative to smoking?
No, because the safety of e-cigarettes has not been proven. For example, propylene glycol, one of the main components of most liquids, can irritate the airways even during short-term use. According to the current state of research, electronic cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, but that does not mean that they are harmless. There is currently no reliable study on the long-term effects on health. So you can not be excluded.

Our youngest daughter now wants a child, but she still smokes. She should stop, right?
In any case! You can tell her that quitting would bring an infinite amount to her and the child – even with respect to statistics: the premature birth rate is halved compared to smoking in pregnant women. The risk of stillbirth is reduced by a third. The lungs of the child can develop completely and it becomes less susceptible to infectious diseases and allergies. The risk of asthma decreases. The risk of sudden infant death decreases.