The academic week 2019 in Göttingen is devoted to "the future of aging"

The reading week of Academy of Sciences of Göttingen in September "The future of aging" on the subject. Four scientists show the problems and opportunities of an aging society and propose solutions for speakers to focus on "successful aging".

From different angles, scientists Anna Schwedler. Klaus-Dirk Henke. Konrad Beyreuther and Andreas Kruse to meet the motto of the 15th Week of the Academy. This was organized by Bettina Schöne-Seifertsaid the president of the academy Andreas Gardt with. Medizinethikerin Belle Seifert of Muenster is a member of the Göttingen Academy.

Home Care

The Frankfurt Lawyer Schwedler go in the first conference Monday, September 9, on a phenomenon of home care. Studies show that there are cases of abuse and neglect in home care. according to Schwedler the legislator did not respond adequately. What to do, note the speaker in it conference "Human dignity and personal rights in old age".

With "the health economy and the health economy in an aging society", the conference of Henke, the professor of Hanover and Berlin was. On Tuesday, September 10, the state-of-the-art medical care system will be expanded.

"Aging without Alzheimer's"

The number of patients with Alzheimer's disease is increasing. With a "to-do list to age without Alzheimer's disease" occurs molecular biologist Beyreuther on Wednesday, September 11 at the Academy week An important role in delaying the onset of illness Symptoms play physical and mental activities to strengthen heart and brain function as well as metabolic and repair processes, says Professor Heidelberg.

The conclusion of Göttingen Academy week 2019 forms the conference of Andreas Kruse, The gerontologist Heidelberg, who is also a member of the Ethics Council, explains the contrasting developments of old age under the title "Between vulnerability and maturity – thinking about aging well" on Thursday. September 12th. The Göttingen Academy week takes place in the old town hall, Markt 9 in göttingen, the presentations starts there at 18:15.

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By Angela Brünjes