. "11 Sendenhorster Frauensalon" November 29: Laughter is the best remedy – Sendenhorst

Laughter is the best medicine, says the vernacular. But can we also laugh when we are sad? The answer Silvia Rößler <! –-> gives this question is clear: necessarily. Silvia Rößler is a teacher of laughter yoga. She comes from Bielefeld and will be at the center of "11. Sendenhorster Frauensalon" on November 29 at 19:30. His lecture will be accompanied musically by Bernhard Auge, pianist and conductor of the "Weimar Jazz Trio".

"Laughing despite everything and all that – can I laugh when I'm sad" is the motto of the show, that the organizers, Pastor Ute Böning <! –-> and the city's Commissioner for Equal Opportunities, Martina Bäcker.

The speaker made a name for himself as a laughing yoga teacher, laughter ambassador, humor coach and author. Since 2018, she offers the podcast the content "The power of laughter". Ute Böning herself had the experience of Sylvia Rößler, born "Silvesterscherz" on December 31, 1958, at a seminar and she is delighted. "A colleague told me about Silvia Rößler." Both organizers lived the experience of their lives, grief and illness, how they started crying and laughing. "Silvia Rößler treats this subject with great sensitivity and brings nice exercises in the evening," says Ute Böning. "I had a wonderful and happy evening with her."

► The "11. Sendenhorster Frauensalon" will take place on Friday 29 November at 19.30 at Haus Siekmann. Tickets at 17 euros (out of work) will be available from 1 September from the Equal Opportunities Officer, by e-mail at bae cker@sendenhorst.de or at the address 25 0 25 26/303 112.