radical regime! A woman (48) takes off her 70 kilos and becomes unrecognizable

Swansea – Clare Howard, 48, of Swansea, preferred to eat at the food stalls and finally stopped practicing this sport when training became too tedious. Instead, the Brit put more and more books and took the stairs just over the air. But then her son said something that made her think, and she completely changed her life!

Clare Howard after the diet (left) and with his son Luke (right).

His son Luke had the intention to get married. Of course, Clare was happy for him, but at the same time, she was scared because she thought that she would embarrass him the happiest day of his life – because she was so fat!

She wanted to change that and decided to start a diet from 140 pounds!

Desperate to lose weight before her son's big day, she signed with an online provider that helps people lose weight, reports "The Sun". Until marriage, he had 15 months left.

The following week, the 48-year-old had to not only get used to a new diet, but also had to stick to it. It was not easy for Clare at first, but she had a motivation!

She did not have to change her eating habits too much, but simply cooked much healthier, with more vegetables and less fat. In addition, she regularly attends online weight loss group meetings, where participants encourage each other and reinforce their goals.

Since she was not working at the time, Clare could focus fully on weight loss. "At the time, I was too embarrassed to have a job interview, but I was looking forward to returning to work soon."

When Luke was married in November, Clare Howard had managed to halve his weight! She lost up to 70 kilos! Her dress size was no longer 54, but a 38.

"When we put the wedding pictures together, everyone says how great I am and how proud my son is," said Clare, delighted. "I did not think I was losing so much."

Not only did Clare lose a lot of weight, he became a fitness freak! In the meantime, she trains seven days a week and plans to start with karate, which was her passion.

As the carefree life can be in the real sun of the world!