Aging well instead of anti-aging: René Koch says: "Do not be afraid to grow old!"

"Anti-aging, it's intimidation," says Rene Koch, Starvisagist specialist. So he invented the term "Happy Aging" to counter "the anti", which is positive. The ü60-70 generation is coming. "Finally, we see in the advertising of mature women who show their faces for nourishing cosmetics and makeup, etc."

Self-determined at any age: with this slogan, the Sozialwerk e.V. invites you to the 45th edition of the Week of Older Persons in Berlin. The opening ceremony will take place on August 31, 2019 at the Breitscheidplatz of the Gedächtniskirche. 160 information kiosks are available at this Platzfest. But not only are seniors welcome, but all ages can come and see old players in action. Greetings from 10 am, Mayor Michael Müller, Social Senator Elke Breitenbach and Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Petra Pau. The musical entertainment is provided by the show's orchestra. Conferences and information on aging are particularly interesting. René Koch is present and talks about Happy Aging at 12h20.

René Koch at the Seniorenwoche

The beauty expert, who is even over 70 years old, says: "Beauty knows no age."
Under Article 3 of the Basic Law, no one may be disadvantaged or favored on the grounds of sex, ancestry, race, language, country of origin, nationality, ethnicity or other origin, religious or political views. He would like to add, not even because of his age!

Koch tries to teach his peers, being old does not mean to look old. He is often confronted with the accusation that his craft – the art of beautiful appearance – has nothing to do with appearances. It's wrong. The cover, like lipstick, red and style, creates a spell. Who radiates this, stands out and is very special at old age.

This is why René Koch is available to the elderly after his presentation on beauty at the stand of the Käthe-Tresenreuter-Haus. For example: how to cover red veins and age spots as well as hematomas after taking anticoagulants? What can I do to prevent dry, flaky skin? How can I look cooler? Only courage, because his personal slogan is: "Beauty is not a coincidence!"