Angelina Heger presents herself without varnish: this reaction makes her crazy

Berlin – How is this bad? Angelina Heger would Instagram sign a more natural sign and therefore shows up regularly without makeup. But for 27 years, not only positive reactions.

Angelina Heger (27) shows on Instagram on her natural side.

In the past, the former Bachelor candidate was open to acne. But still hiding her pimples and scars, she just does not want to do it anymore.

Also Saturday, the beautiful has downloaded again a clip on which it has put its little flaw in evidence. Sunday morning, when she was facing a deplorable reaction, the Berliner broke the collar.

"You have a button face that needs to be healed," peppered a disciple. Angelina had an easy life. "Hello, here's the way to start your day :)", she joked.

The sender then tried to defend himself. This should not be too serious, you can do too much, you know yourself that you are not an ugly woman, I thought you could do it with them and you correctly interpret the smileys. It was more like that because the hater always wrote things like the one you did, an irony that should be, "she justified (spelling replaced).

For the ex-bachelor candidate must take nasty comments.

For the ex-bachelor candidate must take nasty comments.

Angelina acknowledged these excuses with one: "rarely read anything foolish."

But then the Haterin growled: "So useless that it is not, you do not know how much I write here and that I say that celebrate me or that I'm completely right And if you think that it bothers me you in your The stories mention … quite the contrary, thanks for that. "

For Angelina who, with her open-mindedness, really wants to be a good role model for impressionable girls, absolutely incomprehensible.

"These people are very sad for me," she finally told her supporters. Fortunately, it does not affect me anymore, I'm 27 years old and I have enough self-confidence to handle it, and so much more if it would be to show people how underground information is partly involved;) . "

Angelina certainly did that! The fact that the Haters cease in the future to spread the bad mood on the network unfortunately remains to be doubted.