NRW 19: SPÖ Women: "More money is needed to protect against violence and prevent"

NRIN Selma Yildirim and NRin Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek, national and federal women leaders, visited the "Evita" – Kufstein women's counseling center.

KUFSTEIN (red). Separation, violence, mental health and more and more areas of poverty and housing are the main issues facing Evita's women's counseling team most often in the walled city.

In addition to counseling and supporting victims of sexual or physical abuse, "Evita" also works with two women's apartments. "Since 2008, 139 women and 107 children have taken refuge here.The apartments are almost always occupied," report CEOs Brigitte Winkler and Elisabeth Lehmann.

"The Evita team is doing a great job, with a very small budget and only 1.13 full-time jobs.Once again, it is clear how important it is to have more of 'Money for protection against violence, prevention and counseling of women', said SPÖ National Women's Council President, Selma Yildirim, and the Federal President, Jan. 21, Gabriele Heinsich-Hosek.

"With 10 million euros, the women 's department needs to hear and therefore fight.Fund violence protection centers and more.This is just not enough.The budget is increased in the sense of women, higher punishments are not enough, more money is needed for protection against violence and prevention! "

NRin Selma Yildirim, SPÖ Provincial President

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