How to save calories at dinner – without realizing it

You want to lose weight without boring diet and without giving up while properly saving calories? Then you should follow these simple tips for dinner …

A delicious pizza from the nearby Italian restaurant, a juicy hamburger or a five course meal – for dinner, we're just too happy to treat you to the tastiest dishes. However, dinner can also be beneficial on the display of calories. But that does not mean you have to give up dinner if you want to get rid of a few pounds. With the right tips that work independently, you save a lot of calories and effortlessly. Plus: with the right dinner, you can also start your metabolism. How you can save calories at breakfast, we've already betrayed you. Here are five helpful tips to help you save calories at dinner …

1. give up alcohol

They are full of hidden calories and are considered a real fattening: alcoholic beverages. A quarter of a liter of wine contains about 165 kilocalories, a bottle of beer weighs about 250 calories. Even more is when they are mixed with soft drinks or sweet cocktails. But it gets even thicker: alcohol has a stimulating effect on appetite and prevents fat burning at the same time. Not to mention the headaches that greet you the next morning. So, instead of beer after work or mandatory glass of wine, you should rather drink water, which also promotes fat burning.

2. drink tea

If you do not want simple water, you can also have a tea. For example, lavender, valerian and chamomile are best for relaxing and helping to fall asleep. But peppermint tea is a good choice at night. Peppermint is characterized by a high content of menthol, which promotes digestion and reduces cravings and desire for sweets.

3. Go to bed early

A good sleep is worth the gold – especially if you want to lose a few pounds. Too little sleep is an absolute horror for the body and instead leads to the fact that one adds kilos. Too little sleep promotes cravings the next day: due to lack of sleep, the biorhythm is confused and the body releases hormone ghrelin, stimulating appetite. If you are not well rested, you will otherwise have to replenish your energy reserves, which usually leaves only the handle for the refrigerator.

4. Turn off the television, mobile phone and the company

For a restful sleep, it is not enough just to go to bed early, but also to be fair. This means that you have to turn off your computer, TV and smartphone for at least an hour before going to bed. The blue light of the screens ensures that the body does not fall into sleep mode. The result is restless and inefficient sleep. But there is another trick in the media mode: eating in front of the screen. Because our sound is so distracted by continuous sound that it sends no signal for the feeling of fullness. You eat up to 200 more calories when you eat in front of the TV.

5. Do not eat too late

Going to bed the full stomach is one of the worst things to do if you want to lose weight. But that does not mean you have to fall asleep with stomach grunts. On the contrary, it depends on the right time for dinner. Between your last meal and bedtime should ideally be around two hours. It may also be useful to find a fixed time for eating and eating fast, for example a twelve-hour which is eaten or fasted. If you have lunch at seven o'clock in the morning, you should have dinner by 19 hours at the latest.

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