Lose weight with the "Mental Meal Map" method

Rujuta Diwekar is the most famous nutritionist of India. She advises Bollywood stars like Kareena Kapoor Khan and has more than 486,000 followers on Instagram.

In her great success, the belief she defends is particularly interesting: "Eating right is exactly the opposite of counting calories."

But this approach does not only work in terms of calorie counting, it also works without prohibiting certain foods, such as fast foods or sweets.

Everyone has the right to eat whatever he wants and yet his clients lose weight. How is it possible?

The solution is to give your body exactly the amount of food it really needs: the mental map of meals.

With three steps for the right amount of food

In keeping with Indian tradition, which has spawned both yoga and ayurveda, Rajuta Diwekar takes a holistic approach to nutrition.

As part of her 201-week Fitness Body program, Fitness Mind 2018, she helps her participants live healthier lives through twelve nutrition, fitness and mental health guidelines.

Their guideline number 8 on "Meal on the Mind Map" has even brought it to international fame. It includes three tasks:

  1. Imagine how much you would like to eat
  2. Then fill half of the plate
  3. Take twice as long to eat

If you are still hungry after step 3, start again at step 1.

Learn to better understand your own appetite

The idea behind Rujuta Diwekar behind this method is to monitor your appetite more critically. This prevents you from overeating.

In addition, she recommends new habits that complete the ritual of the mind map. For example, she advises eating food as often as possible in the same place and avoiding interference from the smartphone or TV.

The ultimate goal is to develop a better bodily relationship and a more conscious way of managing food.

The more the three stages of the meal map are used during meals, the better the intuitive assessment of what the body really needs to grow in the long run.

This, in turn, almost automatically leads – and without rigorous controls such as recording the calories consumed – to achieve the ideal body weight in the long run.

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