"Mental strength is a muscle that I can train" "Leadersnet

Gabriele Richter runs the first fitness center for the soul of Anima Mentis in Vienna. In an interview, she reveals everything about attention, resilience and the prevention of burnout.

There are many offers for fitness. But it does not seem so good with facilities for fitness and mental strength. About a third of the Austrian population suffers from mental health problems. An alarming number that barely faces professional offers – especially in terms of prevention. At Anima Mentis, in the first fitness center for the soul, the body, mind and spirit are put in harmony – on 650 m2 in the first district of Vienna.

LEADERSNET: Mrs. Richter, what is the mission of Anima Mentis?

judge: At the beginning, there is still a lot of educational work for our young company. We recognized the problem of society that everyday life requires a lot of us, both privately and professionally, and sometimes also on us. The fact that we should start here as soon as possible and that mental toughness generally improves the quality of life, private relationships and professional success, as well as efficiency, is unfortunately still too little perceived.

But we never tire of saying that mental strength can be successfully trained and that mental health can be improved preventively. Since we opened the first fitness center for the soul last year, our customers have so many significant successes that we still have more material to carry our message to the outside. In principle, it's so simple: mental strength is a muscle that I can train.

LEADERSNET: What is the threshold of inhibition to start such mental training?

judge: There is still little experience in the circle of friends and acquaintances, no one to ask. And even worse, we find ourselves too easily with the current state and think more about the operation and perseverance than the improvement of one's own situation. We do and must do a lot, but we do not allow ourselves much.
It is so easy to say that "inner values ​​are important". And again, it's all about appearance, but we're all about values, experiences, attitudes and emotions, and it's paying off on many levels, and more. This is exactly what leads to greater resilience because if I know myself and take care of myself, I am more resistant to outside influences.

LEADERSNET: Which brings us to mindfulness, which is often cited in management. How does a mindfulness training really help in everyday professional life?

judge: Getting to know each other and seeing yourself helps you a lot. Imagine holding a management position and conducting an annual employee evaluation. The following situation: You want to keep the employee in principle and give him appreciation, but have little power for a salary increase. However, it is exactly what the employee asks, the conversation inclines emotionally, the mediation of esteem falls from the point of view. Now, in mindfulness training, you have learned to observe yourself, for example, to look specifically at your emotions and your breathing. Back in conversation: You notice "oh, I'm just going into excitement and gasping", slowing down your breathing and returning to the goal of self-esteem, explaining to the employee's 39 A very calm and professional way that you really appreciate his work. return to the examples in your notes, transmitting "I see you". They explain the current budget situation with respect to salary increases and the fact that you can get at least a small one. The conversation does not become uncontrollable and you conclude it worthy and grateful.

LEADERSNET: What is the best success story of your clients up to now?

judge: Each story is a wonderful recognition of our work. Recently, a very successful professional woman in her late fifties gave us a great comeback. She is a true power woman, always on the fast track and proud of her own vitality, but she is eating away at her emotional emptiness and her sleep disorders. His conclusion since his coaching at Anima Mentis is a tailor-made program of respiratory training, bodybuilding, colorful light and indoor cycling: "I succeed when I take care of my needs, give priority to, perceive and experiment consciously quality time. I can sleep well again, have fewer appointments and succeed all the same, and the offer of Anima Mentis and her wonderful staff have become an extremely valuable asset to my life. "

LEADERSNET: Is mental exercise really exhausting?

judge: Above all, it's fun and brings peace and tranquility when needed – if at all, it's a rewarding and positive effort. Our customers also report that, compared to the traditional gym, it costs them much less, if not every step, to come regularly. They are really looking forward to being at their appointments and filling us with energy. It is also our goal: to give you time and energy and give the customers the right tools to survive in everyday life with joy and success.